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WordPress Prompt - Familial Feasts

The prompt for July 4 was Familial Feasts.  We are asked if we would like to dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative.  My first thought is my grandmothers, as I am named for them.  96 more words


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Elin Grace Publishing is named for my grandmothers. This work is non-profit, and all takes a lot of time. But then the work seems to last a long time and bless others. Ellen



1:  the offspring of one progenitor to the furthest generation

2:  all future generations

Middle English posterite, from Anglo-French pusterité, from Latin posteritat-, posteritas, 52 more words

Ruminations of Boiled Cabbage

CONFESSION: There are times when I wish I was more inclined to be a homemaker.

I’m not talking about the absurd politicized term used to replace the more apt term “stay-at-home parent”– like “homemaker”  as used to justify “work” for the IRS (the term “stay-at-home parent” practically SCREAMS “work” for crying out loud). 1,178 more words

Home/Family Life

Ten Days In June With the Grands!

   ” If you have a clue as to what changes one heart,

then you’re the one with a clue as to what changes the world.”

Marianne Williamson


Watch These Grandmothers Try To Use Modern Slang

In case you haven’t noticed, if you’re over 30, the world no longer belongs to you. All your favorite films are being remade for a new audience, music sounds weird, the mall is a frightening hellscape filled with the judgy eyes of a thousand teenagers, and technological advances seem more excessive than exceptional. 128 more words

Web Culture


A change of pace, a momentary respite, and an homage.

Grandmother’s a classic, everything that comes to mind when the word is spoken, that and more. 322 more words

Happy Birthday To Me.

So today was my birthday. Yep. The big two-eight. Another year older…another…ugh. I hate birthdays. Always have. It’s just the principle of the things, you know? 2,404 more words