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Four Generations of Feminism

CN: mentions of child abuse, none graphic

Grandma was born in Puerto Rico. She moved to NYC in the early 50’s as a teen. She worked at a factory. 842 more words



Last weekend I stopped by my grandmas house and it was an eye opener. I always love seeing my grandmother. She has an infectious energy. She always greets you with a smile, a hug, and a kiss. 459 more words


Day idk

hey guys sorry that I haven’t wrote anything in a few days it’s been a stressful weekend I was forced to stay at my “step” grandmas house and she wouldn’t let us leave and took our stuff and shit it was so fucked up anyways I got my makeup and I’m home now I don’t have Internet anymore but I got my data on my phone which reminds me I need to pay my phone bill 😕😔😁anyways that’s gonna suck and everyone wanted to send me to a mental hospital because my “step” grandma told them I was mental “she works for dhs I guess” and they believed her till they read me and my sisters  messages on how to escape she texted her friend to come get us and when they found out they drove us home so my mom wouldn’t be mad or whatever idk it was fucked up anyway I think today’s blog is day 5 maybe but yea haha well I’m gonna go to bed sorry I didn’t post again but yea baiii guys 😘😝~thatgurl87

Jun-2015. Prince George with Grandma at Bucklebury Farm

Prince George were spotted with his grandmother Carole at Bucklebury Farm Park in Berkshire. The pictures were taken last week, probably in the weekend, when Carole doesn’t work. 51 more words

Kate Middleton

Janaki Atha

The last week was full of fun and celebration in our household. We(me and my wife) had come down to coimbatore to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday with all his sisters and their families and my cousins. 1,005 more words

Mega Serial

Day 225

You woke up a little early, but you were in a good mood.  We went to gym class like normal, and then we went to Grandma Recer’s house, and then we had some errands to run.   11 more words