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January 2015

So apparently having two kids means twice the work and half the free time! It’s hard to believe Aksel has been with us for three months already. 856 more words

Just Skin & Bones?

Just skin and bones

See through tones and

Weak moans are frail

As you flail the

Old ailing frame

Not the same life

Or name you knew… 351 more words


To City,

There is one thing that all of my family members share, it is the love for my Grandma’s homemade perogies. (Those of you who do not share this love, keep it to yourself. 499 more words

Country VS City

"Grandma Is That You It's Frankie" Prank Phone Call gone right...

     Ok so I used to love-making prank phone calls and yes, it was a few years before the Jerky Boys came out.  I have been called The Best Ever by my dear close life long friend Nikki.   751 more words


The Family That Cuts You Open

Good. God.

Just got off the phone with my grandma. It cut me open like you wouldn’t even believe. She’s been assisted-living bound since my granddad died in 2011. 465 more words

Hello world!

As a grandma and a goat breeder, I get to talk about all of my ‘kids’ with plenty of affection. Welcome to my Goat Granny blog. 15 more words


Ever Wonder How Bread is Made?

Everybody likes bread, “the mother of all foods”, but few know the calculated process behind this magic substance that emerges from the oven spongy on the inside and delightfully crunchy on the outside. 240 more words