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What, this decrepit old pile? This is just our retirement property.

— Nah, not really. This is Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I’m putting it up because quite literally everyone I know is having a crappity-rotten day today, experiencing issues ranging from the annoying to the very seriously nasty, and I for one could use something pretty to look at. 43 more words

quick one.

1. My weight is fluctuating, and I feel like a gas planet. nobody needs this information, but you have it nonetheless.
2. I have leeks I need to cook. 361 more words


Week one - Done and Dusted (no one has yelled thus far!)

Last Tuesday we set out on our NZ adventure and it turns out we picked the best day to leave. Sydney had a huge storm which closed the airport, flooded parts of the city, caused blackouts and covered the Blue Mountains in snow right after we flew out. 333 more words

Moving to Queenstown, NZ

Firstly, I never thought I would say I’m moving back to NZ (let alone be blogging about it) this young. I thought I would be old and grey, ready to retire somewhere beautiful to spend the rest of my days. 264 more words

A new look for me and a new look for the blog

I made a mistake. In an idle moment today I started playing around with my blog’s theme. I hit the wrong button and ended up changing it to something I wasn’t happy with. 968 more words


Itchy feet

It was my lovely mum’s birthday on Thursday and as a little treat, I booked us a trip to Bali in May. It’s an incredibly popular destination for people out here on the west coast…probably because it’s only a short plane ride away and stupidly affordable. 245 more words