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Pedantics #8

Wow, it’s dusty in here. Excuse me for a moment while I blow away some cobwebs.



*takes out the recycling*

Right. Now, where was I? 484 more words


Fans watch out

I’m probably one of the few grammar fans who always watch out for mismatched subject-verb pairs. It stems from childhood when my friends and I would each pick a subject and then try to find the correct verb. 28 more words


Need Help With Proofreading?

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a neat, short list of helpful links all in one place. Below are links, for writers and editors, to help with general issues (grammar, punctuation, etc.). 65 more words


15 Most useful phrasal verbs!

I am sitting on my sofa, drinking maybe the third cup of coffee for today. I carry on watching the news on TV regarding the Greek crisis developments in order to be informed from all angles. 488 more words


Grammar Bomb: Piqued, Peaked, or Peeked

When you hike and reach the peak, take a peek over the cliff, and see if what you see has your interest piqued.


Piqued… 88 more words
Daily Fix

Grammar Websites For Writers

It’s always good for a writer to have a collection of ways they can learn grammar. A frugal way is to find websites online that have grammar resources and even lessons as well as editing software. 294 more words


When there's no "Agghhh!" after Send...

It’s one thing to take a little artistic license when crafting dialogue. It’s another to write an important email and not proof before sending. Worse yet, think the spaghetti in your brain makes perfect sense on paper. 240 more words