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How to Use Active Verbs to Enhance Your Sentence Structure

Are you enjoying our 90 Second Writing Lessons? Lesson #3 just went up yesterday, so if you’re a little behind you can catch up on previous lessons… 516 more words

Meg Dowell

Grammatical disagreement through false attraction

As children we learn (and may also be taught) that singular nouns take singular verbs and plural nouns take plural verbs. This subject–verb agreement is also called… 583 more words


Merriam to add new phrase to 2015 Edition

Merriam Dictionary announces new phrase for this years edition.

read more here. Dictionary to add new word


78 – Frolic: When editors fall asleep on the job

Finally, they have cracked it! The venerable Oldie has just provided an answer to the question which has been vexing us for ages. 524 more words

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Old Georgian phrases and sentences 54 (Lk 4:23: Physician, heal thyself!)

Below is Lk 4:23 in the Old Georgian Adishi version, divided into phrases. For comparison, I also give Greek, Syriac (Peshitta), and Armenian (Künzle). (Since the online display of Syriac is still so sketchy depending on a machine’s setup, I give the Syriac in transliteration.) 102 more words


Reviving the Zombie, Pt. II: The Passive Voice

Okay, you give up. You’ve banged your head on the wall. You’ve ground every Blackwing pencil you own to a nub. And it still laughs at you from the page: the (aggressively) passive voice. 492 more words




Aziana is a syllabary created by Warren Grant and inspired by the Korean, Chinese and Japanese writing systems. The idea was to devise a writing system that looks Asian in origin.

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