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Is "grammar pedant" a more grammatically correct title than the oft- and over-used "Grammar Nazi"?

Answer by Mike Mendis:

As others have said, it is not a matter of grammar. There is no difference in the grammar of the two phrases. 143 more words


What is the difference between active voice and passive voice?

Answer by Mike Mendis:

In order to understand the difference between the active voice and the passive voice, it is necessary, first, to understand something about verbs and verb participants. 873 more words


"When Your Punctuation Says It All (!)" - Jessica Bennett - New York Times

I am so glad that I am not the only one who thinks about text punctuation this much!!  !!! ~ ..*?? !!!!!!! 24 more words


When to use a comma:

Yo. Commas, man, fo sho, you need to use ‘em right, yo.
This is from my graduate editing course. Yes, the sample sentences are supposed to be funny =_=
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Day #61: Hulk smash!

Today I’ve added the last of the adverbs to my rotation of flash cards so I plan to go through my cards before I start my lesson tomorrow (or later today rather) and hopefully deal with the adverbs used in it as I go along. 258 more words


In the hands of man

If the hearts opaque
Not, ever yearns for
A concerted evidence
To hold captive
Wonders of this claim

Stands at ease even
In states unborn and…

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