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You Have to Let Go to Receive.

In the past week, a lot of changes have occurred in my life and I was weirdly able to accept them.

I broke up with my boyfriend.  431 more words



So I believe I mentioned in my previous post about me being in a foreign land now. And I also mentioned that I will talk about it “next time”. 1,654 more words


Revisiting Communication Theories: a perspective from a government information worker  

I have been working for a government information institution for most of my life.  As a matter of fact, very soon I will get my second decade loyalty recognition from our agency. 921 more words

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The Man You Love vs The Man You Should Love

The man you know you should love, he’s looking at you now from the across the bar adoringly while he orders your favourite gin and tonic. 690 more words

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This is such an interesting article! I love this!

a little bit about standardized tests

The picture above properly depicts my thoughts and feelings about standardized tests. Not many do well, partly due to the time restrictions, pressure to do well, and just the general thought of answering vague, general questions about everything. 496 more words

Graduate School

Welcome to the Tundra

(A Parody of “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses)

Welcome to the Tundra.

We’ve got fun and games.

We’ve all got PhD’s, Honey… 259 more words


Sexism in Science Hiring

Okay, friends, I have to vent. I recently read yet another article talking about sexism in hiring of PhDs for faculty jobs. The article unfavorably compared the percentage of female, recently graduated, science PhDs and the current percent of female science faculty members. 459 more words