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How to Survive Graduate School While Working

What’s with the disappearing blog act? Well, I learned it can be difficult juggling grad school, a full-time job and life. To others that are about to embark on this same journey – congratulations! 377 more words

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GRE Boot Camp: Posts Hiatus

Greeting Followers!

The first thing I want to say to all of you is how appreciative I am for you guys deciding to take an interest in my book blog. 302 more words

WESLEY SEMINARY & Why it models the future of theological schools #WesleySem

An interview with Daniel O. Aleshire by Faith and Leadership Magazine, Assoc. of Theological Schools, 5/5/15.

“The professional master’s degree has been growing — a trend that’s likely to continue, says the executive director of The Association of Theological Schools in an interview reflecting on a new report on theological education.” 523 more words


Best Practices?

So this past school year (particularly the spring semester), I experimented with having a really specific schedule. It included everything from classes to meals to homework time to grocery shopping, and so on. 820 more words

Grad School

Finding my "Niche" Part 2

At the same time, although psychology and graduate school is a huge part of my life, I’m also a wife and a fur-mom, which is also a huge part of my life. 413 more words


Imposter Syndrome, Grad School, and the Man.

I just want to point out in the beginning of this post that I know I don’t know everything, actually very far from it the older I get the more I realize how much I don’t know. 721 more words

Graduate School

Finding my "Niche"

I’ve been into blogging since I was in middle school. I grew up during the time of Xanga (if you really want, I can get on my soap box about that site… it was my pride and joy long after my peers moved on from it). 652 more words