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Finishing graduate school hiatus

I really hate how graduate school work requires ridiculously long hours. I was warned about this before I went in, but listening to a warning about something and actually experiencing something are totally different things. 752 more words

Graduate School

Why Penn State College of Medicine Students Chose Graduate School

Everybody in this post has something in common.

After 12 years of primary and secondary school and 4 years of undergraduate education, we all decided that we weren’t done yet… 189 more words


Life Changing News

I cannot recall a situation where I’ve heard such exciting news that I’ve cried. I grew up watching commercials where parents would tell their children that they were going to Disney, and they would cry in hysteria out of pure joy. 701 more words


Here I Come!

These are the six programs I applied to:

These two rejected me.

I’ve never heard anything back from this one, so I’m not sure what’s going on with them. 75 more words

Northern Illinois University

You Didn’t Get Into Medical School – Now What?

First, take solace in the fact that you aren’t alone. According to the AAMC, there were over 48,000 medical school applicants in 2013. From that pool of applicants, less than half of them (20,055) matriculated into their first year of medical school. 465 more words

Graduate Or Professional School

Helping students to draft CVs and resumes

In preparation for this week’s lab meeting I asked all of my students to put together a draft CV or resume. They each emailed it to the other members of the lab and we all made constructive comments on these documents. 273 more words

Working As A Professor

Tips for designing experiments

One guarantee of being a scientist is that you perform many experiments in your career that do not work. I always warn trainees just joining my lab that this will happen and that they should expect it. 731 more words

Working As A Professor