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Write Now

The impulse to write is strong right now. I have all this pent  up creative energy that I’m dying to unleash upon the world and writing feels like the way to do it, but by the time I finally forced myself to sit down with the laptop and log out of Facebook I find myself just as intimidated at the thought of putting words into sentences as ever. 317 more words

Graduate Life

Early at Live

I’m sitting in a Starbucks at LA Live with a short black coffee and an hour to kill. It is a Clippers game tonight, so the plaza is busy with crowds, but that’s not why I’m here: I’m actually here for a field trip for class… or, I will be in an hour when class begins. 352 more words

Graduate Life


I’ve missed a few days of writing so I feel like I have to make the effort tonight even though it is already late.

Sunday was a shoot for a directing scene that I was working on for class. 385 more words

Graduate Life

The worst week of my life (so far)

And by week I mean Friday evening until Tuesday.

  • My laptop got a virus :'(
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Whatever you do, don't mention politics...

Next month will be the first general election I’ll be old enough to vote in. I’d be lying if I said I was an expert on politics so I think it’s safe to say I’m finding it very difficult to decide on who to vote for. 527 more words

Graduate Life


Tomorrow I will be spending the day shooting my directing scene for class. Considering how I usually stress out about a production I’m finding myself actually pretty calm about this production which is a rare treat. 488 more words

Graduate Life

Spring Is Here.

Wasn’t yesterday just beautiful? I would say that it was the first day that it really felt like Spring. It was also the first day that I have left the house without a coat on, in fact I didn’t even bring one with me! 381 more words

Graduate Life