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Yellow Moon

I stepped outside to walk my sister, Bean, and her husband to their car. It was late enough that most of the fireworks had died down, but the whole town was shrouded in a cinematic haze as far as the eye could see. 414 more words

Graduate Life

Of Service

Sometimes I have to remind myself to be of service. I find that this happens the most often at times when I start thinking about myself too much: entitlement is such an unbecoming quality in a person, but sometimes I find myself examining my life and looking at the empty places with new eyes. 232 more words

Graduate Life

Worlds of Working (Day 53)

My talk went well. Professor Bartkowski was very helpful. One thing she did say that really stuck with me was that it’s okay that I don’t have “the job” yet and that it is going to take time before I find where I fit in best at. 216 more words

Graduate Life


I was working on a project recently for which we needed to hire a writer. It is my Advanced Project: for all intents and purposes it will be the thesis that I use to graduate although I will only be developing it to the point of being able to pitch it to a studio or network instead of actually producing it. 330 more words

Graduate Life

It's July?

Today has just been beautiful. What’s the weather been like where you are? I can’t believe just how warm and sunny it’s been here in England. 343 more words


The Choir Forming Room

In my dream it was my birthday. It was a present day birthday: I was grown up and turning thirty something but my folks still gave me a Duplo set. 490 more words

Life In California

Adjusting to the Change

Everyone tells you how hard leaving University is.  You even fully expect it to be hard. But it turns out you can’t really comprehend the bizarre mixture of very real feelings you have when actually going through your first steps into the real world. 291 more words