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Session 3: What key are we in?

What does “the key” of music mean?

When musicians get together to play you’ll hear the question: “What key is this in?” But even when you have the answer, what does it actually mean? 480 more words

Grade 1 Guitar

Grade 1 - Note Values

Hi Readers,

In Grade 1 Music Theory, we learn how to read music. The first aspect of this is the note values (how long each note lasts for). 80 more words


Human Library February Edition

This month our Human Book was Jen from Orphaned Wildlife Society (OWL).  She introduced St. George’s to an owl and a falcon that she is rehabilitating at her facility in Delta. 62 more words


1Y Celebrates Lunar New Year

On Thursday, February 19th, 1Y celebrated Lunar New Year.

The girls were encouraged to wear red, gold or traditional Chinese dresses. Parent volunteers ran different stations including: building hand drums, making dragon sand art, folding sheep fans, beading ‘Year of the Sheep’ necklaces, eating rice with chopsticks and dancing with dragon puppets.

Nicole Sobieski
Gr. 1 Teacher

Junior School

Math Literature Integration: Sal's Blueberries

For this assignment, I created my first lesson plan–a unique math lesson that incorporated fun children’s literature into the learning objective. Many children (not to mention adults) are intimidated by math class, and stories that illustrate math concepts are a great way to pique their interest and excitement for math. 642 more words

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Junglesport returned to our school again this year for a week full of adventure!

What great climbers we have!

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