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Unknown Dating: How Online Dating Is Like SETI

More and more I am coming to think that online dating is like the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). You see hundreds, maybe thousands of potential dates out there. 579 more words

When Grad Students Don't Perform: A Lesson in Patience

“I’ve got this grad student….”

If this were an academic pick-up line, we’d be on our third date already. We’ve all got at least one grad student who…just doesn’t quite understand how life works, how grad school works, or how ‘adulting’ (as i like to fondly call it) works. 500 more words

How Not to Suck at Saving Your Soul

May 2, 2015

The dismissive, arrogant, negligent, and emotionally abusive supervisor is so common as to be the clichéd default of the academic world. Academic Twitter has become a therapy couch from where the cries of aggrieved graduate students, wailing of terrified junior professors, and loud calls to tear down the entire system from adjuncts (and many others) are heard. 1,697 more words

"Beyond the Professoriate" Virtual Conference (register by Wednesdgay April 29)

Brief announcement: Registration still open for “Beyond the Professoriate” VIRTUAL conference to be held on May 2 and 9 (registration closes Wednesday, April 29, at 5pm EST). 54 more words


Graduate research poster day

The faculty of engineering hosted its annual graduate research poster day last week. MCG was well represented and all the participants were kind enough to let me take their photos. 32 more words