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Trainee Tuesday: Time Management: How The Heck Do I Do That

Hello there bloggies! Welcome to Trainee Tuesday. Today’s topic is one that everyone (students, postdocs, staff, and PIs alike) fails at: managing your time effectively. No matter what you do there are always more things you’d like to accomplish in lab or in life than is possible. 417 more words


A recipe for organizing your PhD time...?

If you have the luxury to be in a very free PhD program (you can do whatever you want as long as it is broadly associated with the team you are working in), it is easy to lose focus. 230 more words

Grad School

Cooking Once a Month is awesome

Some of advice I ever got about Grad School was from a former professor who told me how batch-cooking and freezing meals helped her complete her dissertation. 998 more words

Grad School

Why am I fucking awake

I’m going to start by saying that my dad made me watch The Graduate. He said it was soooooo good and I had to watch it. 515 more words


Post 8: All Things Are New: One Year Later

Hi there, WordPress.

Sorry I forgot about you! Getting caught up in life can really let a lot of things fall through the cracks. I’m glad I stumbled upon this blog again, though. 997 more words



I did it! I got into Harvard and University of ________!

After a tortuous time studying for the dreadful GRE, reading up on professors’ research and stalking them, and spending money and time traveling to schools to put in “face time”, it’s all come to fruition. 894 more words

Social Media Expert Interview with Erik Johnson

On March 23rd, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Erik Johnson (@erikj). Erik is the Director of Digital Marketing and Social Media for… 647 more words