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Poem: The Triumph of Wild Flowers

The Triumph of WIld Flowers

Somewhere under the cruel snow, flowers live,
far tougher than their frail fronds would have you believe,
they lie deep, their silent beauty patient, 74 more words

Good Morning March 2

Our greatest blessing is the forgiveness Christ has purchased for us at the cross. In His shed blood we have forgiveness and new life. Because of what He did we know that anytime we sin we can turn in repentance and receive forgiveness. 169 more words

Good Morning

With Child: A Guest Post Series.

The response was overwhelming. Granted, it took a few days. They are all mothers, after all. Each one has a lot on her plate. Those first few days were full of sweaty-handed waiting and continuous phone-checking that would rival any junior-high girl with a serious crush. 404 more words


Poem: The Kingdom of Spring

The Kingdom of Spring

It is snowing again this morning,
something expected, so commonplace
it is hardly worth noting,
another layer of frozen white,
beautiful yes, but becoming bland… 218 more words

Second Sunday of Lent: Sundays are Feast Days

We had the chance to visit with a good friend this week. He has a picture of Mary and Eve hanging on the wall of his office that makes me cry when I look at it; he will let Ellie chase him all around his library, and he won’t even tell her to be quiet; and he will shift the movable bookshelves a zillion times and push imaginary buttons on a cinderblock wall because a 2 year old told him to. 596 more words


Grace Like God

February has already come and gone. It was a challenging month to say the least! What started as intentionally being more genuine in my actions ended in me being convicted of many other things related to my character. 889 more words


We do NOT uphold the law

Paul states in Romans 3, “Do we, then, nullify the law by this faith? Not at all! Rather, we uphold the law.”

Many read this out of context without seeing the full picture that is being presented. 305 more words