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Debugging Vala programs in an IDE

Geany is an IDE the supports a number of languages including Vala. This tutorial will show you how to get the debugger plugin for Geany working with Vala code. 454 more words


Free useful software for everyone.

Free as in beer, not free as in freedom – though some of it is both. I didn’t put trialware there, or things that require you to pay, to get certain features. 64 more words


ShoutBox Global Playlist (GPL) Released in Beta

SoniXCast announced today that they have begun rolling out the new SoniXCast platform (code named ShoutBox) by releasing the beta version of the their global playlist (GPL) registry. 103 more words

According to ARM one of the Benefits of using Microcontrollers - no GPL

LOL I’ve not read something so ignorant for years :)
Hello guys! There is no restriction closed source software to run on Linux, it’s other thing if somebody will decide to use such software on this OS where everything is open.

Open Source

Open Source Software - free and with public licensing

A major difference between open source operating systems and proprietary systems is that open source operating systems do not require operating system server licence fees to be paid and there are no client/user access licence fees (for users/devices that accesses the server). 294 more words

Open Source Systems

Host, Run & Play OpenArena

From discuss.fsftn.org:

OpenArena is a multiplayer First Person Shooter game (This could be considered the Free Software Alternative for the famous Counter Strike).

This game is designed cross platform, so it doesn’t matter what operating system you use and you can play it on all operating systems.

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How an Australian glider pilot obtains a US Glider Pilots License

I want to be able to fly gliders as “pilot in command” in the USA via a US FAA license issued reciprocally on the basis of my Australian one. 2,545 more words