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Hamsters On Roids

Just when you thought animal experiments couldn’t get anymore barbaric, the jackasses in the Department of Psychology at Northeastern University in Boston decide to take animal torture to a new level.   200 more words

Investigative Reporter Mike Mason

I’ve most currently worked as the lead investigative reporter at WLOS ABC News 13 in Asheville, North Carolina. Previously, I’ve worked as an investigative reporter for the following Florida stations: … 382 more words

Holding Officials Accountable

So You Want to Give More Power to the Government?

See that picture? It was taken inside a state-run psychiatric hospital–a facility recently abandoned and left to rust and rot. In fact, if you search for “images of abandoned psychiatric hospitals,” you’ll find a whole photo gallery. 261 more words

Culture Rot


April 22, 2015

Does that sound crazy to you? It probably does, but it was what our County Manager, Karen Degges suggested doing for a new “Fireline Pumper Truck.” 284 more words


Census Bureau proposes to eliminate marriage and divorce questions

The Census Bureau apparently thinks that tracking marriage and divorce rates in the United States is “low benefit and low cost category.” This is not the first time in recent years the Federal Government has cut research into marriage and family issues in the United States. 601 more words


From the front porch ...

by P. Webb Chapman

I’ve been contemplating media reports that Anbar Province in Iraq has fallen to ISIS. Media previously reported that Iraqi forces had thrown down their weapons and fled the battle area leaving behind sophisticated equipment generously provided by American people. 380 more words

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