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American billionaires on welfare: Cliven Bundy, Ted Turner and other ranchers stealing your tax dollars - Vickory Eckhoff, AlterNet Friday, Mar 27, 2015 01:30 AM PDT

A federal grazing program allows the .1 percent to collect gov’t subsidies. Here are some of the biggest culprits

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Federal Government to Spend $40K to Study Sexting

Recently, a federal study has been approved has already cost $42,676 to discover if sexting increases risky sexual behavior of college girls. As a student getting in-state tuition at CALS, this would cover my entire year’s education here at Cornell, including room and board. 297 more words

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Brookings Institution: a $1.2 billion social program that doesn't work

This is a surprising article coming from the leftist Brookings Institution.

They write:

Afterschool programs, or out-of-school time programs, burst into view in the late 1990s.

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It Is Good To Work For The Government

I just read that Amtrack employees were paid some pretty lavish bonuses for what any private enterprise would consider a disastrous year in 2014.

Amtrak handed out $11.2 million in bonuses as part of a short-term incentive program, which was designed to reward staff if they managed to keep operating losses under $305 million in 2014.

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What A Fucking Shambles, Work Programme Still Worse Than Doing Nothing At All

It is astonishing that the ‘minimum expected level’ of people finding jobs on Iain Duncan Smith’s Work Programme is the same as would be expected had he done nothing at all. 815 more words

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Also instead of wasting money on endless schemes why not use that money to provide real jobs. There are many public services which are understaffed these days.

National Standards for Taking Showers

The idea of federally-regulated showers is the latest proof that our country has lost its way with respect to federalism. Federalism should lead to coordination, not subordination. 472 more words

Current Thoughts

Johnson And the Great Society

The Great Society: the program that keeps on taking and giving.

The Great Society is the biggest spending boondoggle in United States’ history.

The Great Society was a great success for the democrats as their most successful vote buying plan. 43 more words