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The Army Has Too Many Tanks

The U.S. Army has way too many tanks. General Odierno, Army Chief of Staff, has made this very clear (repeatedly) in testimony to Congress. The Army has so many tanks that it placed 2,000 of them in storage in the Southern California desert – yes, 2,000 ridiculously expensive tanks sitting idle in the desert. 259 more words

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Premier Christy Clark, where do you get off?

My children are good people, they are both adults now, and I say this with complete confidence, my children are good, hardworking, young people.

it’s a damned shame that they are being punished for it. 1,080 more words

Christy Clark


More money to fix the failing schools (so they can look nice while continuing turn out barely literate adolescents), more money for the poor (so they so they feel more comfortable in their capacity as submissive subordinates), more money for transportation (to study which maintenance projects can be even further delayed to allow more spending on unearned bonuses and lavish, costly retreats and conventions for the department heads), more money for national security (so DHS can send high quality color brochures to the various southern Border Patrol sectors saying Stand Down and let the mules, cartel leaders, gang members and radical Islamists pass. 267 more words


Hundreds of Thousands of Smart Meter Billing Issues in the U.K.

As it turns out, “smart meters” are not very smart.  Horror stories are beginning to emerge in the U.K. where customers are being left in “billing limbo.” 681 more words

Smart Grid, Smart Meters, And RF Emissions

Democrats creating crises and blame to evade issues

Democrats will use any excuse to blame Republicans for America’s woes.  They distract from solutions to the issues that plague the nation and demonize those who would repair the damage that Democrat policies have wrought.   1,205 more words

Conservatism Vs. Liberalism

Brazils $900 million World Cup stadium is now being used as a parking lot - Vox

Brazil spent about $3 billion building 12 new or heavily refurbished stadiums for last year’s World Cup. Officials promised these taxpayer-funded venues would continue to generate revenue for years, hosting concerts, pro soccer games, and other events. 267 more words