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Brunt of public service cuts outside of Ottawa, report finds

Canada’s public service has become increasingly Ottawa-centric, with federal employees at regional operations bearing a disproportionate share of job cuts over the past three years. 686 more words


Shut Down the Department of Education, End Federal Government Involvement and Intervention

To save the nation from a future Greek-style fiscal meltdown, we should reform entitlements.

But as part of the effort to restore limited, constitutional government, we also should shut down various departments that deal with issues that shouldn’t be handled by the central government. 691 more words

Government Spending

The Empirical Case for a Much Smaller Public Sector

As a fiscal policy economist who believes in individual liberty and personal responsibility, I have two goals.

1. Replace the corrupt and punitive internal revenue code… 972 more words

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Alberta's budget woes created by excessive spending, says Fraser Institute

The $7-billion hole in Alberta’s budget was created by a decade of excessive spending — not solely the collapse of oil prices, suggests a new study by the Fraser Institute. 157 more words

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The Outcome of the Fiscal Fight in Greece and Implications for Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, France, Belgium, Etc

There’s a big fiscal battle happening in Europe. The relatively new Greek government is demanding continued handouts from the rest of Europe, but it wants to renege on at least some of the country’s prior commitments to improve economic performance by reducing the preposterous burden of… 1,319 more words


Why bother exercising in the first place?

It’s not a secret you’ll find in Pandora’s Box – the health benefits associated with exercise.
From our first PE session at school, we’re told that exercise is the secret to life. 492 more words

Obamacare back in the news

Well, the Obamacare signup 2015 is history. Unless, of course, you ask the senior Democrats in Congress. According to them, the whole “deadline” thing was a complete mystery to their constituents. 894 more words

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