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What Exactly Is A Government Liability?

You might think it is a bond or something similar.  There are others.

There is a recent case in Illinois wherein the State Supreme Court decided unanimously that the government could not change the terms of employee pensions.  519 more words

Don Shaughnessy

Watchdog report: Government travel cards used at casinos, strip clubs

Thank you, taxpayers, for providing a worker at Warner Robins Air Force Base with money for his entertainment needs during his jaunt to a Nevada casino. 376 more words


Meet the New Senate Hypocrites, Same as the Old Hypocrites

Republican duplicity continues on the Obamacare front and it’s got me stumped. What’s the bigger lie?

If you like your doctor, you can keep him? 84 more words


Another Edition of Great Moments in Government Waste, Malfeasance, and Foolishness

Since I’m an advocate of smaller government, you might imagine I’m perpetually depressed. After all, I work in Washington where I’m vastly outnumbered by people who… 918 more words

Big Government

The Economist still thinks our economic problems are due to a shortfall of spending!

Like so many others, I have the answers to the dilemma economic theory is now in. My answers centre around the classical economics that was the core of theory before Keynes brought ruin to the heart of economics with his… 276 more words

Economic Theory And Policy

Everything You Need to Know about France in a Single Story

There’s a Terror Wing in the Moocher Hall of Fame, so I guess it stands to reason that I should create a French Wing of the… 674 more words

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