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Will the main parties ever come clean about their actual tax and spending plans?

Yesterday’s election news was dominated for a time by the Institute of Fiscal Studies (an independent think tank aiming to better inform public debate on economics in order to promote the development of effective fiscal policy) releasing the latest of their increasingly irate analyses of the main political parties’ fiscal plans. 1,013 more words


Paul Kershaw: Federal budget 2015: another blow to generational equity

Budget 2015 spends more on grandma’s medical care and income security, while asking grandma to contribute less to paying for these benefits. It may sound like a reverent thing to do for one’s elders. 711 more words


Elizabeth Warren: No! Yes! Watch out!

Supporters of the Democratic Party who are not ardent supports of a Hillary presidency have called on Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for POTUS. Rumors of Warren challenging the likely frontrunner for the democratic nomination (Hillary Clinton) have been rampant because of Warren’s progressive, populist agenda that immensely appeals to the liberal left. 560 more words


Rand Paul: Is it Ron or his son?

April 07, 2015 was the date Republican presidential hopeful Dr. Rand Paul declared his candidacy for the highest office in the United States. You may remember his father, Ron Paul, a former Congressman who also ran for president but was unsuccessful in those efforts. 710 more words


Analysis: Federal budget likely to squeeze programs (and public servants) even more

Canada’s public service has come through six years of restraint smaller and with fewer benefits, leaving some bureaucrats wondering — on the eve of Tuesday’s federal budget — how much more they can handle before the programs and services they deliver unravel. 1,034 more words


We Must Demand Real Federal Budgets

Zero-Based Budgeting is a simple concept, practiced by every family and every company in the USA.  We all determine how much money we will receive for a given period, and then decide how we are going to spend it.  593 more words

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