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Ignore Greece

Don’t let anyone tell you Greece is sticking up for its “dignity” by fighting “austerity.” The current Greek government is sticking up for socialism by fighting reality. 584 more words

Economic Outlooks

Wealth Can't Be Redistributed If It Doesn't Exist!

The simple concept that production comes before consumption must not be as simple to understand as I think. Since before the tech bubble popped in 2000, our Government and the Federal Reserve have tried to spend, and electronically print, our way to prosperity. 685 more words

Econ. 101

An Evolving Problem

Fate and demographics have a good deal in common.  In either case outcomes are inevitable.  The consequences are predictable.

For example, a recent National Post story noted that in Canada in 2010 there were 4.9 workers for each retired person.  366 more words

Don Shaughnessy

Why the !*%# Is the Rest of the World Subsidizing Suicidal Fiscal Policy in Greece?!?

I detest writing about Greece. I suggested back in 2010 that the best outcome was default, which would have been the most likely outcome of a no-bailouts approach. 826 more words


Concrete Measures to Address Real Income Stagnation of the Poor and Middle Classes

I.  Introduction

The distribution of the gains from economic growth has gotten horribly skewed since around 1980, as the graph above shows (using a log scale so that distances on the vertical scale are equal relative changes).   11,869 more words


Will Denmark Become a Shining Example of Mitchell's Golden Rule?

I suggested earlier this year that Denmark’s ratio of private sector workers compared with government dependents produced the world’s most depressing Powerpoint slide.

It’s hard to be optimistic, after all, if a nation has an ever-growing number of people… 525 more words