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The U.S. Government is facing a partial shutdown this weekend.

That’s if they can’t agree on a funding bill.

At the center of this feud are efforts to reverse President Obama’s executive action on immigration; which is affecting millions across the country. 50 more words

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Barbara Boxer Lashes Out At Republicans on DHS Funding "Hypocrisy"

Republicans are walking on a thin rope this week as they scramble to come to an agreement for funding for the Department of Homeland Security. They have squabbled in the previous weeks about funding DHS without taking an opportunity to make a hit on Obama’s immigration executive actions. 278 more words


Should Congress be penalized for possibly closing a part of our government?

Unless you’ve been off spending a very cold and snowy winter and avoiding all news about what’s going on where we’re cold and sick of snow you’ve probably heard that unless something happens very soon a very important part of the U.S. 525 more words

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200K Government Workers will be FORCED TO WORK WITHOUT PAY!!!

When has That ever happened?

This is the Run Around Screaming Hyperole being floated in an Effort to Save the Funding for the President’s illegal, unconstitutional and ill considered Amnesty (AKA – Save the Democrat Party) program being conducted by the Department of Homeland Security. 51 more words

John Boehner Talks About New Ideas

For The Republicans, Silence is Golden

         The House Republican leadership scheduled this press conference to detail their new ideas to lead the country and party back to prosperity. 17 more words

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Suddenly 'Filibuster' Is No Longer A Dirty Word

Photo from the Indianapolis Sun

The term filibuster’s origins are as murky as the press coverage surrounding it, or more precisely the lack of coverage of the current work stoppage in the Senate. 259 more words

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This Happens Every Year: Government Shutdown In America

A convenient terrorist threat just as a government shutdown over the useless Department of Homeland Security looms. All political decisions have purposes behind them, and the sudden and dramatic media manifestation of an impossible plot by a group like Al Shabaab, completely lacking in power beyond the backwaters of Somalia, all point to intentional riling of the population by the elite that controls the media. 134 more words