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2015 $2 Triple Deuce Currency Set

2015 $2 Triple Deuce Currency Set

Some of us really like money. Some like making it, some like spending it, some see it as art. I am of the art crowd. 157 more words


Why Go Non Commy. WARNING: Infuriating.

People I don’t like you. You handed billion after billions of tax, fine, and fee money a year AND POWER OVER YOU to a group of complete strangers and just said: “They have to”. 119 more words

Just Because

Why Government Money Can’t Fix Poverty

Source: ReasonTV

The recent history of Camden, New Jersey, which is the poorest small city in America, provides a case study of the tragic ineffectiveness of government programs at ameliorating poverty. 42 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Making All Your Family Budget - Where The Fights Begin

Christmas Eve along with the stores will contain families doing their last minute Christmas shopping. The point that anyone will need to do will be to go home and cook. 624 more words

Using People's Credit Reports To Set Insurance Premium Rates

Covered casserole dishes do wonders for your dishes that are cooked in them. The casserole is increasingly making a strong comeback, because it feeds a regarding people, so it’s cost efficient. 492 more words