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Amtrak Needs Privatization, not More Handouts and Subsidies

I almost feel sorry for my leftist friends. Whenever there’s a story about a crazed shooter, they invariably speculate that it’s someone affiliated with the Tea Party. 865 more words

Government Intervention

Ecomomy 101

Government officials throwing self serving smoke screens.
Everything here is true except for the last sentence.
As long as CEO’s, the rich and the corporations don’t understand this simple economic principle no amount of legislation will achieve much, except for further de-balancing the economy. 226 more words


Is Tax-Funded Education Inherently Bureaucratic?

Rachel Taylor


Dr. Gary North


Review Assignment Week 28

“Is tax-funded education inherently bureaucratic?”

I would say that tax-education is defiantly inherently bureaucratic.  Many people don’t realize, but administrative arbitrariness is spreading. 369 more words

RPC: Economics

Social Democracy and Fascism

Rachel Taylor


Tom Woods


Review Assignment Week 13

The standard claim about Sweden is that it shows that society can prosper without such a free market and with extensive government intervention. 382 more words

RPC: Government 1 B

Parks and Rec -- Ron Swanson on Government Intervention

Ron demonstrates how government taxes interrupt the actions of free markets.


What next for interest rates?

Earlier this week, Andrew Sentence, a former member of the MPC argued for an increase in UK interest rates, pointing out that we are in our 7th year of recovery, with unemployment at 5.7%, close to the 5% thought by many economists to be the “natural rate”. 100 more words