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Alternative Currencies Such as Bitcoin Are a Valuable Insurance Policy against Feckless Government

Before getting to the main topic today, here are some excerpts from a New York Post story that patriotic American readers will appreciate.

It deals with a protest. 1,488 more words


Methods of Government Intervention

1) Taxes

2 types of taxes:
Specific Tax – Per unit tax. Parallel shift to the supply curve
Ad Valorem Tax – base the tax on a % of the purchase price… 276 more words

Study Notes

Market Failure

Market failure is a situation in which the free market fails to allocate resources efficiently (allocative inefficiency), resulting in a net social welfare loss… 324 more words

Study Notes

The Corrupt, Cronyist Export-Import Bank Was Not Re-Authorized, so Let's Celebrate a (Hopefully Permanent) Victory over Corporate Welfare

Advocates of economic liberty, free market, and small government haven’t enjoyed many victories in the 21st Century.

Government got bigger and more expensive during Bush’s reign, starting in his first year with the… 884 more words

Big Government

SCOTUS Goes Dumpster Diving and Comes Up with Tossed “Dignity”

“As a dog returns to his vomit so a fool returns to his folly.”  Proverbs 26:11

 Theater of the absurd:  This week the majority of the SCOTUS ruled twice in activist ad hoc fashion-once in favor of Obamacare subsidies by misappropriating the word “State” and the other ruling using a misappropriation of the word “dignity” to rule in favor of homosexuality. 2,071 more words


Amtrak-riding libertarians

Back at the beginning of May, an Amtrak train derailed in Philadelphia, resulting in eight deaths and 200 injuries.

Some commentators took the incident as an indication that Amtrak needed a significant investment, especially for things like Positive Train Control, which may have been able to prevent the accident. 321 more words

New Video Shows Bailouts Are a Recipe for Moral Hazard and Cronyism

When debating and discussing the 2008 financial crisis, there are two big questions. And the answers to these questions are important because the wrong “narrative” could lead to decades of bad policy (much as a… 805 more words