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The Potentially Big Downside Risks of Easy Money, QE, and Artificially Low Interest Rates

During periods of economic weakness, governments often respond with “loose” monetary policy, which generally means that central banks will take actions that increase liquidity and artificially lower interest rates. 1,499 more words


Shut Down the Department of Education, End Federal Government Involvement and Intervention

To save the nation from a future Greek-style fiscal meltdown, we should reform entitlements.

But as part of the effort to restore limited, constitutional government, we also should shut down various departments that deal with issues that shouldn’t be handled by the central government. 691 more words

Government Spending

Speed cameras - should Labour be exchanging our safety for a few votes?

Between 1998 and 2009, during the last a Labour government, the quantity of traffic rose by 15%, but there was a 44% drop in serious deaths and injuries. 556 more words


May No Window Be Unbroken

The misallocation of resources precipitated by regulation is sometimes so thorough that proponents are apt to describe it as a feature, and not a bug! Apparently, that is how some think of new business startups and venture capital funding stimulated by Obamacare. 681 more words

Should Government Regulators Make the Internet More Like the Post Office or DMV?

The Internet has made all of our lives better, in part because there’s been an accidental policy of benign neglect from Washington.

But that’s about to change. 774 more words

Big Government

Hoisting Obama on His Own Try-Something-New Petard

My Cato Institute colleague Michael Tanner has produced some first-rate substantive research on issues.

He produced a study showing that personal retirement accounts would have been a better deal than Social Security… 934 more words

Big Government

An Economy of One National - February 1, 2015

Central bank intervention; strength of US dollar; east coast blizzard; loss of sovereignty of US business owners and consumers; John Allison, President of the Cato Institute.  8 more words