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Cameroon: Female Parliamentarians' Caucus Elects Bureau

By George Mbella originally posted on AllAfrica

Hon. Mebande Brigitte has been re-elected as Chair of the Executive Bureau of the Female Parliamentarians’ Caucus; an association that brings together all female parliamentarians. 194 more words



What is it that moves on four legs at dawn, on two legs at noon, and on three legs at night? Known as the “Riddle of the Sphinx,” the answer is a metaphor of life’s journey by a single human being, from infancy to adulthood to old age. 307 more words


Transparency - What I've Done To Improve It

Transparency in city government is critical to ensuring public confidence in the political process and I’m proud of the advances we’ve made during my time in office. 429 more words


Chair and CEO Encouragement and Evaluation

Nonprofit boards hire, evaluate, and presumably can “fire” their CEO. This is boilerplate role and function stuff. What’s often missing is what constitutes attention to the encouragement and support of the CEO as well as helpful appraisal and evaluation. 141 more words

Board Of Directors

The Colour of Boards: 365ideas4change Number 8

In my coaching, we work quite extensively with noticing and labelling emotions. There’s all sorts of reasons for this, including the neurobiological focus that this provides, and the information that is contained in emotions. 231 more words

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IT Solutions - It's not just about Technology

As an IT Architect, I do appreciate good Technology as well as anyone.  I spend a lot of my time making technology work.  At times however, as technologists we tend to forget it needs to be more about the Information and Solutions and less about Technology for its own sake. 309 more words


Donor Governance and Financial Management in Prominent U.S. Art Museums

Donor Governance and Financial Management in Prominent U.S. Art Museums
Source: Social Science Research Service

I study “donor governance,” which occurs when contributors to non-profit firms place restrictions on their gifts to limit the discretion of managers.

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