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Why Mary Shelley Wrote Frankenstein

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is the most miserable book I’ve ever read. If I got a penny every time the author used the word “wretched” I could buy a whole library of Gothic fiction and still have money left over for anti-depressants. 892 more words


[March, 1996] Things to Look Forward To

As I hurled through my senior year of high school, I filled up the red spiral notebook I had since being forced to keep a journal in my life-changing creative writing class. 643 more words


WHAT AM I? (Brush up on: Subcultures)

I recently had 5 days in Byron Bay with 13 school friends. I loved Byron Bay, it’s beautiful and happy and sort of drowsy despite all the active-probiotic protein balls. 2,178 more words

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Christian Death - Only Theatre Of Pain

Christian Death – Only Theatre Of Pain

Shock rocker Rozz Williams was one of the many 1980s rock musicians whose existence have been changed around by glam rock: David Bowie, The New York Dolls and Alice Cooper saved a creative young man from an otherwise oppressive life in a strict religious Californian family. 181 more words

Aida e Volfango Parte I

Parte I

Villa Sciarra era sempre deserta a quell’ora, i cancelli stavano per chiudere ed il sole aveva

cominciato a calare da un pezzo. I putti della fontana che sputacchiava acqua con indolenza si… 1,408 more words