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What's My Name?

They were in love; the universe had drawn them together like magnet to steel. Kate was happy with fate for this true match. All her life, she had never known what Love really was; her mind had never been able to grasp its possibilities until she met Danny. 1,211 more words

V. Inside out

I’m walking alone down the hallways of an impossibly large, fancy, abandoned hotel. I pass by gothic columns of ribbed stone, and ornate stained-glass windows. Walls are the color of egg whites going bad. 372 more words


Give your all to me, I'll give my all to you.

It all began a few weeks ago. I was walking home alone after a party on the next street. Listening to music, singing along to the classics I saved in my iPod. 1,865 more words


Film Friday: Hobo With a Shotgun is in Poor Taste.

Description: A sort-of-graphic-novelish film with deep topics, a great plotline and b-movie levels of violence and gore. A homeless man comes across and dystopian city rife with crime and corruption and gets set turning it around. 224 more words


saturday in the woods

Some time ago, in the woods, with the family. Sun, blue sky, fresh air, smell of the nature. Smell of the freedom. Summer time is coming.


Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

(Grindhouse Releasing Deluxe Edition Blu-Ray, Unrated, Running Time: 96 minutes)


A documentary film team is brutally killed by a cannibal tribe.

The Plot:

When a documentary film team goes missing while filming in the Amazon, Professor Munroe and a rescue team go in looking for them. 499 more words

Trailer Park of Terror: Deep-Fried fun for the whole family…’cept the kiddos

 Okay, that was awesome!

 Ended up at G2K Games not long ago and my wife tossed a stack of movies my way. What catches my eye? 864 more words

Cheesy Slasher Flix