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The Gory, Bloody, Glorious Cross

If faith was born on one of the bloodiest deaths in history, why isn’t ours? 608 more words


Wrong Turn (2003)

(Blu-Ray, Rated R, Running Time: 84 minutes)


A detour through the deep woods of West Virginia takes a turn for the worse for a group of young people when they run into cannibal mountain men. 790 more words

A Dream

He ripped open his arm.

Tendons, blood vessels, and skin

Split between the white bone, and red blood.

He pulled back the forked flesh and looked it over. 18 more words


Hatchet (2006)


Summary: Two college students on vacation in the Louisiana Bayou get stranded on a boat tour in woods that is supposedly haunted by a vengeful entity. 326 more words

Horror Movies

Inside (2007)


Summary: A pregnant woman who recently lost her husband in a car accident finds herself trapped in her house when a mysterious woman starts stalking her. 221 more words

Horror Movies

Frozen (2010)


Summary: Three friends get trapped on a ski lift after the park they’re skiing in closes and is not due to open for another week. 237 more words

Horror Movies