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Kull The Conqueror #3 (December 1983)

Marvel Number: ADT0103

Writer: Alan Zelenetz

Artist: John Buscema

Synopsis: Lumerian pirates led by a man named Roc kidnap Velusian senators and demand ransom. A slave named Gorn who survived the raid mentions that he once rowed for Roc. 369 more words


Star trek boy meats cardesian

“Long road back”
Steve and elisa seamed like the unlikeliest of couples. 642 more words

Star Trek


I’m told that old soldiers never die, they just fade away. I hope the same is true of old astronauts, even though no one famous has ever given that exact quote. 1,367 more words

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Star trek Kepler cardesia part 4

“Riela hello!”icheb said.”why did you not tell me ?’she said.”tell you what?”he asked . He was very confused. She started to cry.he remained stoic.
“What is it?”he asked.” Your people bred you to be a weapon against the borg. 683 more words

Star Trek

Plum Tired

It really burns my butt to admit this, but my Dad may have had a point. No, not about giving up on researching what we are – that part I’m right about – but about this place being really, supremely weird. 1,556 more words

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My Dad was crazier than a loon on drugs. Sorry, Dad, there’s just no other way to put it. Anyway, barring some truly amazing occurrences, Tholian will inherit the home. 934 more words

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God laughs

If you want to see God laugh, tell Him your plans.

Oh come off it. After a build up like that, you don’t really expect me to get right to the surprise, do you? 1,108 more words

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