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There's Nothing "Super" About Super Glue

Although claiming to bond “instantly”, all glues of the “super” variety (Krazy, Gorilla, Loctite, Super, etc.) fail to do so, at least in my experience.  I doubt that use of the word “instant” on packaging is required by law to mean something even vaguely expeditious.  772 more words


Shop Happenings

Seems as if it’s been a while since I blogged and watching my wife, Diane being so consistent in her blogging makes me feel like a slacker so let me share what’s been going on with the woodworking side of the family now that the… 911 more words

Hand Tool Woodworking


Today was pretty good until I had to walk home in pouring rain, I didn’t hear much from Danny which is good I think. I made my promposal and stuff but I didn’t have normal glue so my dad made me use gorilla glue and now I have super glue on steroids stuck on my hand. 60 more words

Teen Life

Glue Takes a Beating

My son has recently taken an interest in boffing – mock warfare using foam weapons called boffers.  We procured a coupe of boffer kits from… 284 more words


Vertical Cork Board from Wine Corks

I had a huge stash of wine corks saved up and several ideas on how to use them! I had already made my mom an awesome monogram cork board, but discovered I didn’t have the space for one of my own. 234 more words




(A few Haiku)

Nearly five AM,

Writing off sleeplessness fine…

Wife wonders…where now?


Broke a bunny’s ear,

Other people’s stuff–oh dear! 36 more words


TGIF: Assembled -- Can't Wait until Tomorrow!

I’ve mentioned the stress of glue ups and this one was no exception.  Before I get into that though I’d like to share this picture showing the first coat of the… 683 more words