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Cheese Night, Italian

The first Italian cheese that comes to mind is mozzarella. The cheese that’s commonly grated and sprinkled on top of pizza. Melted mozzarella cheese is stretchy, known as the cheese string effect. 726 more words


Asparagus and Gorgonzola Risotto

As usual, spring time, inspiration time.

I bought some asparagus and decided to do a risotto with it.

Ingredients for 2:

1.5 cups Risotto Rice (Arborio, Vialone Nano,….) 210 more words


Perfect brunch: frittata feast (2 for 1)

Frittata feast

Frittata is an egg-based Italian dish similar to an omelette or crustless quiche, enriched with additional ingredients such as meats, cheese, vegetables or pasta.

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Stress-free "Dinner for two": figs & gorgonzola salad, zucchini salad, chicken in wine, rosemary potatoes...

Dinner for two doesn’t have to be a modest affair neither it has to take you hours to prepare; if you are looking for ideas, here is one of my versions:) “No one was harmed during the preparation of this dinner”:)

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The food week that was - 16/03/15

Recording what we eat is proving to be an interesting and valuable exercise, although it’s not actually what this blog was supposed to be about (which reminds me, I must get ’round to changing the description line before I get called out as a big fat fibber). 676 more words


Blue Cheesecakes

I have had a love hate relationship with Blue Cheese for most of my life. I learned to tolerate it a while ago when working for a chef that used it quite a bit. 296 more words


Tremble before the almighty DEMOGORGONZOLA!

Hello all.  Demo here.  Demogorgonzola, to be specific.

School has been very frustrating for the Pagan god of cheese, so I decided to let off steam by establishing a place where I can talk about something I’m quite passionate about: movies.   24 more words