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She looks so radiant & sooo happy! I love my fruits but I never look this happy LOL :-)

Hope you guys are having a beautiful day :-)



X Ambassadors "VHS" Review

X Ambassadors burst on the scene last year with their song Jungle being the advertisement for Beats during the 2014 World Cup. They followed Jungle… 345 more words


China: Through the Looking Glass

We are lucky living in a city thrived on diverse culture.  So this year, Metropolitan Museum‘s annual Costume Institute Spring 2015  Exhibition is dedicated to China, on its influences from culture, designs, textures, styles, and how it inspired western designers to incorporate this theme into their works. 252 more words


Megan & Scott's Gorgeous Maui Wedding by Maui Wedding Photographer's Karma Hill Photography

Megan and Scott are from two opposite sides of the world! Scott being from New Zealand and his bride Megan being from Ohio they felt that getting married right in the middle would be the best for all! 142 more words

17 Gorgeous Wall Clocks For All Your Fandom Needs

1. For the Sherlockians View this image › ObjectIndustrialArt / Via etsy.com Sherlock Holmes engraved art wall clock 2. The aspiring S.H.I.E.L.D. agents View this image › geoartcrafts / Via etsy.com Avengers theme vinyl record clock 3. 120 more words

Landscape | Gold

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Description From Photographer if Any:

It is the most gorgeous bridge I’ve ever seen. 6 more words