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My Case for the NHL Enforcer

There’s a lot of cursing: a lot. Some of the guys look far to old to play hockey at any level. If you like bad 70’s hair, sex jokes, facial hair and thick Canadian accents, you’re in for a treat. 382 more words


Why I failed as a Something Awful goon

I’ve recently been reading Something Sensitive, a wretched hive of internet scum and villainy whose sole real purpose is to dish out to the denizens of the Something Awful forums the sort of mockery they spent years handing out to posters at TV Tropes, Reddit, tumblr and just about everywhere else on the internet (not to mention plenty of people off it). 874 more words


Wasteland Freaks Stole Our Voices!

Due to some unforeseen death-worshipping, gas-guzzling, exploding-spear-throwing difficulties, Snooty and Goon are going textual this week. Expect a couple of written reviews in lieu of a podcast. 14 more words


The 'Goon' Sequel Is Coming And Actor Jay Baruchel Will Direct It

The adventures of Doug ‘The Thug’ Glatt (Seann William Scott) and his potty-mouthed sidekick Pat Houlihan (Jay Baruchel) will continue with Goon 2: Last of the Enforcers… 204 more words


Sequels to come

Reports confirm that Kate Beckinsale will return for the fifth film reprising her role as Selene. This fifth installment in the Underworld franchise is titled… 229 more words