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What to expect from Google's I/O conference this week

Microsoft, Facebook, and Yahoo all had their chance. Now it’s Google’s turn to make its case for why developers should build their apps using its platform and services. 1,205 more words

How Google Could Save Glass: Ditch the Camera

There are “no sacred cows” to avoid when Google begins retooling its Glass wearable device, Google executive Tony Fadell reportedly said a few days ago… 514 more words


Top Ten Most Underwhelming Products Ever

In this list I will share some of the most meh products ever. Products are on this list are here due to many reasons. Some fall short because of the expectations set to high or just the product didn’t do what advertised. 798 more words


Augmented Reality Takes a Step Closer

The transition to “Ironman type” wearable computer augmentation comes a step closer with the release of several new augmented reality glasses. Vizux and Meta Pro Glasses take a big step towards making wearable eyewear the evolution of the smartphone. 123 more words

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Phoenixes, raptors, motion sickness and the Yala

Phoenixes seem to be everywhere we turn this week. Is this an omen?

First we encountered Harry Potter’s animatronics phoenix on the studio tour. Next we saw drag queen Conchita Wurst’s… 510 more words


Forget Self-Driving Cars: Here’s How Google Plans to Change How We Live Forever

May 23, 2015

Let’s say you’ve had a searing headache for the past few days. You become nervous and, like many people, you resort to Google.   1,397 more words


Google I/O Predictions

Google I/O 2015 is greatly anticipated. Last year brought a pretty big change to Google’s platform. Material design created a consistency across everything Google does. Android expanded much farther as well: VR, Wear, Auto, Chrome. 1,030 more words