they want me to ~ a poem

they want me to place
data in little boxes
i don’t like doing it
it disturbs me

they want me to get
figures from structured cells… 63 more words


Read This: Google Docs Add-ons

Tomorrow’s Technophiles meeting will feature a tutorial on all the great extra features you can add to your Google Docs using add-ons. In preparation, check out… 12 more words


Using Google Apps Offline #gafe #edtech

More and more schools are adopting the use of Google Apps in their one-to-one programs.  However, these schools are still concerned that their students need access to iWork or Office because they will work offline and students may not have Internet access at home.   39 more words


New Arrivals and EAL iPad Program - Lesson 1: Using Google Docs to work together to practice English, Google Translate in the Classroom, And Mr. Garcia gets beaten by a Grade 5!

Another one of my famous, overly long titles there.

So, we are still a little ways off from launching a 1:1 iPad program at our school but I thought we could get the ball rolling with a smaller group of students, but really the ones that would benefit most, our New Arrivals students. 803 more words

Google Docs

School Prospectus 'as Gaeilge' (pupil version)

1:1 iPad learning allows for a lot more creativity among pupils but more importantly it allows us as teachers to do things different.  My Year 10 Irish class recently collaborated on producing iBook versions of our school prospectus in Irish using… 545 more words

IPad In The Classroom

Google Docs- How to be MLA Compliant with Page Headers

Complying with MLA formatting guidelines using Google Docs just got a whole lot easier. Google just released a quiet update that allows for you to insert a header that only displays on the first page of a document while using a different header for all subsequent pages.

Reading & Writing

Google is a Powerhouse, but I'm Cool With It (Google Docs Edition)

It hasn’t been until the past year or so that I’ve realized how much Google Docs has grown in popularity; I’ve always been a Microsoft Word girl, using the application to compose the introductory paragraphs to many unfinished personal essays (I never finish them, not because I’m lazy or anything–how preposterous, I’m offended at the suggestion of it–but because the world isn’t ready for my immense wit, let me tell you) and to spit out last minute one-draft essays for my classes (oops?). 571 more words