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How to add custom User-ID to your Universal Analytics (Google) implementation?

There are three different implementations that you could have with Google Analytics:

  1. Classic Google Analytics
  2. Universal analytics
  3. Universal analytics with Google Tag manager.

If you fall under “2. 387 more words


Why Organic Search Numbers Sometimes Mislead

Every now and then, one of our catalog clients looks at their Google Analytics, sees that the majority of their online business comes from “Organic Search,” and decides to slash their catalog mailings. 155 more words

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5 Free Online Courses to Grow Your Tech Skills

At one time, universities and colleges were institutes of higher learning for those who were passionate about acquiring knowledge. Today, education discussions tend to to center around how much individuals can make with their degree. 664 more words


These are some basic questions arise to me when I’m started working on GA. I would like to share my Queries which may helpful for better understanding. 364 more words


Friday nights in are where it's at!

I can sense your judgement from here. But if you’re reading this tonight than you are super lame too!

Welcome to the club.

Unless, of course, you are reading this tomorrow morning (in the freaking future) after a wild night out on the town. 155 more words

Are you asking about Spam Filter on your Google Analytics?

Analysis is a crucial phase of any data gathering unit. Anyone can do a very convincing analysis on any data given nowadays. You can use software like Microsoft Excel if you don’t have more complex system in your hand. 357 more words