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"GOOGLE Project SOLI", Replacing Physical Controls on Smart devices!!!

Google, a giant company, involved in various fields, . This company is pushing the boundaries of innovation. One of such greatest innovations in recent times is “The Project SOLI” which deals with the RADAR finger gestures to interact with our smart devices. 33 more words


CISOs say it’s all about KNOW NOT NO!

It’s a funny one this subject about IT security – it always comes back to the users – without us there wouldn’t be any security issues! 900 more words


Happy 4th Birthday, Google+

It has been four years since Google first introduced their own social network, Google+. When it first launched, it was invite-only (I was one of the lucky ones who got to be apart of the invite-only beta) then it eventually became necessary to have a Google+ account if you used any of Google’s services. 214 more words

Sachin Bahal

Block Browser Exploit Attacks with New Chrome Extension

Vegan, a new Chrome extension which helps block browser exploit framework attacks is now available to download from the Chrome Store.

A new extension is available to detect and combat BeEF (Browser Exploit Framework Attacks) when installed on the Chrome browser. 444 more words


Tech: A Force for Good or Realism

American technology companies are herald by techies as global forces for good. While companies such as Google and Facebook has transformed our lives they are business and with a primary focus on one thing. 556 more words


YouTube Creator Academy Production Skills Boot Camp | Free Weirdness from YouGoogle

Youtube has a free training thing you can sign up for if you randomly stumble across the secret link. You can find the link and the welcome letter below. 252 more words


Google’s Chrome Allegedly ‘Spying’ On Users, say Privacy Campaigners

Google now has the means to listen in to your conversations due to a self-activating code written in its Chrome browser, say pro-privacy advocates while ringing the alarm bells. 521 more words