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Seorang kawan mengucap selamat tinggal. “Sampai nanti, saat langit biru runtuh,” ujarnya.

Dia mengucap terima kasih atas persahabatan kami. Setiap kata dan peristiwa. Kami berbagi waktu yang tergolek di lantai putih dingin, merapal cerita masa lalu dan masa depan. 53 more words


Farewell Melbs!

I did it! Deep down I knew I could. But I definitely had a moment or two where even I thought that this master travel plan I derived was pure meshugenah. 433 more words


Ciao amica mia

Ciao amica mia
La vita ti chiama
Così te ne vai
In una notte

Me ne rimango
Ancora per un po’ 184 more words


I saw a picture of you today....

I saw a picture of you today and even though your face looks familiar, I realized that I no longer know who you are.

You haven’t aged badly but as I stared into your eyes a part of me was relieved that I no longer found you attractive. 278 more words

Moving On

The Art of Goodbye

the art of goodbye
saying goodbye is never easy. even when it is the right thing, the thing you chose, the choice you wanted. it can be hard to let go of something you lived and loved. 349 more words


Sometimes Goodbye Is The Only Thing Left To Say

I have thought long and hard about us P. I really believe it’s not what you want or will ever want. I don’t know if you are just too damaged from years of abuse n manipulation or you’re brain is too addicted to the cycle of abuse. 669 more words