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They had been sitting on the couch for over an hour.

“I don’t get it,” Alexa mumbled, breaking the silence.

Her best friend, Natalie, sighed. “What don’t you get?” 16 more words

Creative Writing

De mi vida, fuiste pasajero

Lo nuestro fue aún más fugaz que los cometas que cuenta la gente, se pasean día con día por los cielos.

No puedo explicar exactamente lo que pasó.. 292 more words


My Almost Lover

They say you fall in love six times before you actually get married to that one person you’re suppose to love all your life; but what if? 623 more words


Goodbye Dog

Hello, Dog.

I remember you.

I lay here in bed,

Staring at nothing but memories.

Thinking of you

And your 98 dog years.

A long life, 336 more words


Does a goodbye have to be forever?

As i close one chapter and begin a new one I’m excited an scared all at the same time. I don’t have all the answers but I do have faith that I’m heading in the right direction. 206 more words


Obrigado pela carreira maravilhosa que você criou e obrigado por nos fazer parte dessa despedida tão incrível . {Thank you Gisele for your amazing career that you created and thank you for making us part of that last runway show} 56 more words


Unbalanced Relationship

A weary quake as I awake to a molecule of disturbance …small enough to grasp my attention and subtle enough to leave me patient…. your words flow smoothly into the air slow enough that I can gaze upon them and learn everything it was meant to specify….as I clearly am here to rectify the situation you so eagerly and clearly state I lose ….as you , I do always have a choice to choose , and now that your temper does not motion me into a whirlpool of emotions … prepare that I may walk away this time and never return whether I was devoted or still possess a handful of devotion ….time has a way of making matters hurt a little less and making objectives seem like it can be carried on without the pain of moving on being so challenging ….so don’t challenge me anymore if you know I am  here because I have faith in what we can be and you have the hope I will always be where you need me to be… ironically , our needs are feeding off our love and pointing in opposite directions…. 31 more words