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Beginning of Goodbyes

Sometimes people are standing near you, and inside you are screaming to them. But they can’t hear you because the damage is done. It’s the beginning of the end. Separation.


Holding My Hero

I’ve always been someone who takes goodbyes very seriously. For as long as I can remember, I have always tried to make sure that whoever I am saying goodbye to knows they are loved before they hit the road. 691 more words


The breeze ruffled his hair,

The sun shone on him bright.

The waves broke upon the beach in earnest,

Their boy had returned Home.

If only they knew, He mused, 345 more words


Too tired, too numb

I used to wonder why everything feels so wrong whenever I’m with you. I wonder how in pleasant moments, there remains a cave in my being whispering, “something’s wrong”. 184 more words


Zen and the Art of Losing Your Dog

I got my dog Zeus in October of 1997. I was in first grade. My seventh birthday was fast approaching and in the weeks leading up to his arrival I convinced myself he was my birthday present, despite some gentle reminders from my parents that he was, in fact, a family dog. 630 more words


Saying Goodbye

People come in and out of our lives, sometimes welcomed and other times with apprehension. But we shouldn’t be afraid to say goodbye, no matter how final it will be and no matter how unknown the future will be. 80 more words


Hello and goodbye, you beautiful people. I’m off skiing for a week and will have limited access to WiFi, so I hope you all have a brilliant week, chins up and see you in a bit.

No pain lasts forever