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Scrappy Theologians

What can fix this broken world? Who is willing to stand up and fight against the odds?

Every day, we see more darkness, more suffering, more brutality. 442 more words


It is a terrible thing to be so open

The blog has become a trigger at times, pardon the lack of quantity.
While I’m stalling – I feel pretty great now – I will unburden myself with quotes of others.

Borderline Personality Disorder

The Battle of Good Vs. Evil

In the battle of good vs. evil

Red blood flows

They are sons or daughters fighting

Sometimes its about money

People have fame from it. 32 more words

Tony's Posts

Thanks to you - many thank you's :)

To all family, friends, fans, followers and the Universe – thank you, I wouldn’t be on this path if it wasn’t for those of you who are supporting me as I uncrinkle myself from my cocoon to be a new….author hopefully! 12 more words




Open your heart
Open your arms
Smiling at the sadness
Lifting the chin of anger
Rocking the irritability
To sleep let me keep… 223 more words


Hanzeek Ceramic Knife Set 9/10

You would think that with the amount times I’ve heard the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ I would have learned by now. I’m not too proud to admit that once again I fell into the trap, and once again I was wrong, I incorrectly judged these knives based on a pre-determined judgement. 473 more words