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First of Many

Dear Readers,

First, I’d like to start by saying, I am not a writer therefore my writing style might not exactly be considered proper. My first post is going to be my background, maybe to help to get you to know me a little better before giving you the great details. 1,639 more words


Monday 4/27/15

Constructor:  Johanna Fenimore.

Theme:  Left speechless.

Summary:  Pretty good Monday with one or two minor quibbles.

This puzzle has a pretty solid theme for a Monday.   247 more words


Saturday 4/25/15

Constructor:  James Mulhern.

Theme:  None.

Summary:  Quite good.

I liked this puzzle.  I found the lower left a bit dicey, and some other parts a bit easy actually, but there was a lot of cool stuff in here. 372 more words


Busyness - Good or Bad? The Inside Scoop

Have you ever had one of those weeks where whenever you think about what you need to do, you momentarily freak out, because you have what seems like an endless list of stuff you need to do? 248 more words

The Inside Scoop

Monday, 4/20/15

Constructor:  Tom McCoy.

Theme:  Ladies first.

Spoiler-free one-liner:  A good simple and easy Monday, reasonably enjoyable.

I’m not sure what makes a good Monday puzzle, because they’re pretty easy, but I think this one is a good one.  269 more words



my bulldog is laying next to me by the couch and he has the worst gas ever tonight. I’m doing pretty good lately with the new meds, normal emotions seem a bit new to me since all my emotions were extreme before so it’s taking some getting used to. 45 more words


Will I Ever Be Able To Cry?

i think the first post I ever put here was about not being able to cry. I ve been in therapy with a good shrink for a year now, discounting summer months and holidays. 82 more words