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Rise and shine

Goodmorning, my lovelies!

So, I just wanted to remind you that today is going to be a ridiculously good day! So smile, notice the sun playing hide and seek with the gorgeous lush trees and the beautiful flowers blooming with spring coming into play. 148 more words



For all of the goodness in the world, I can’t believe evil even exists.

is it a good sign that I'm changing the subject?

get rid of this pasty vulnerability
empower me with sun
let gold run down my fingertips
and let the hot nights come

loosen up this frigid silence… 67 more words


Hi, Do You Know Of A Good Emdr Therapist In Chicago?

Hi, I have Developmental Trauma Disorder and have recently been reading about EMDR. I would like to look into trying it. I have multiple repetitious traumas especially during childhood. 78 more words

A GOOD Good Momma

In mommydom, there are “good” days and “bad” days. On the good days you wake up early enough to have your quiet time with the Lord, you read your Bible leisurely while sipping your cup of coffee, and the kids wake up with breakfast ready and Momma calm. 575 more words


Good Friday-What's so "good" about it?

This week, the entire body of Christ is celebrating “Passion Week,” otherwise known as Jesus’ final week. We’ve celebrated his entrance into Jeruselam yesterday, Friday, we remember His death, and Sunday, we rejoice in His resurrection. 579 more words


The latest vintage of Marcel Lapierre's Raisins gaulois

Things are still topsy-turvy in my life which means I sometimes want to drink a simpler wine yet still enjoy it.  The 2014 Marcel Lapierre, Raisins gaulois  154 more words

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