Y U Bloggin'?

Excellent question.


Or, rather, I do know. I have a project going on, to which I’m currently devoting my whole life. I love it, I’m excited about it, I want it to succeed and become my livelihood. 226 more words


My LPs so fast growing BIG

Why do my LPs so fast growing BIG?

Why am I so fast become a Platinum International Diamond in 4Life?

Why do I have many new good leaders who are excited building their 4Life business aggressively ? 14 more words

Good Questions

Good Questions: Pizza Boxes, Bird Songs, & Pairs Of Pants

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Every Friday, Heather Brown digs into the mailbag to answer some of your Good Questions. This week, we’re looking at pizza pies, pairs of pants and pretty avian ditties. 313 more words


Good Questions: Turkey Eggs, Newspapers, MOA Money Ponds

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Connie from Blaine wants to know: Why don’t we eat turkey eggs?

Chickens lay eggs more often than turkeys — usually once a day versus a turkey’s every other day. 247 more words


Metaphysical Tip: Consulting an Intuitive Practitioner

Nowadays there are a multitude of people out there claiming to be ‘psychic’ or ‘intuitive’, and practicing everything from tarot to crystal scrying to talking to your guides. 920 more words

Metaphysical Tools

How to generate ideas? Make good questions.

This is another advice for you to produce good design, design based on quality and not appearance. It’s a very basic technique, but if done well can generate many possibilities. 271 more words


Good Questions: Super Bowl, Social Security, Gas Gauge

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Every Friday, we answer a few confounding questions submitted by our viewers. This week, Heather Brown takes a look at the Super Bowl’s viewership numbers, unused Social Security dollars, and the accuracy of gas gauges. 332 more words