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#244 Voices they can't Silence

Now that they know Jesus’ resurrection is real, the priests began fearing for their own lives. Satan uses their fear of the people to spread lies. 236 more words

Good And Evil

Total Surrender

The Sublime Surrender of Herman Hesse

3. Total Surrender

The concluding sequence of Klein and Wagner is a climactic spiritual experience of Supernal degree. One of its features is a… 1,143 more words


#243 Why Nobody Knows

Roman soldiers are a strange sight, pale-faced and still-trembling, telling the priests what they have just experienced. They are too afraid to invent anything or even think about consequences. 238 more words

Good And Evil

Card Challenge: Day 78

Card Day 78: Falling water droplet holding a sun, windswept trees, a snake, a man, water, a butterfly, a fetus, and stones.

Vivia traced the path of water down the windowpane with her finger, watching as the droplets splashed and tumbled down the clear class toward uncertain end. 1,371 more words

New Arrival

#242 Can't Keep Life Down

It is just before dawn on Sunday morning.

At Jesus’ grave many soldiers are keeping watch, along with many beings they can’t see.  A great number of evil angels are there with Satan hoping to keep the Son of God from coming out. 211 more words

Good And Evil

Stupidity and Evil

Humans, for the most part, accept the dichotomy between good and evil. Popular depictions of this duality place its parties in a sort of perpetual battle; a ground whence the reasons for important events comes. 391 more words



“Pollyanna!,” she spat with sisterly disdain.

But I took it as a compliment.  Every single time she said it.  Because I liked seeing the good in people, in situations and in life.  738 more words