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Poem number (iii) from The Jesus Bhakti Poems

The Choice

All night he said ‘Choose!
Kneel and worship me
Jesus the Great, King of the Jews!’

No mat let alone bed,
no bread let alone feast. 64 more words

Good And Evil

The Devil

It has been said that the Devil’s two cleverest tricks were: (1) posing – very successfully – as God, and (2) convincing people that he, the Devil, did not exist. 607 more words

Good And Evil

The Sovereign: A Villain of True Substance

Here there be Spoilers (serious ones)

You see the word pathos thrown around a lot when it comes to villains in popular culture. It is often used to distinguish an excellent three-dimensional villain from the more run of the mill James Bond, one-dimensional type. 2,971 more words


The Importance of Discernment.

It is very important that you develop the quality of discernment.  Why?

2 Corinthians 6:14 (KJV) Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? 285 more words

End Times

Card Challenge: Day 53

Card Day 53: A single die with a devilish figure growing legs and emerging from the pips on the surface.

Natalie felt the heft of the die in her hand. 1,724 more words

New Arrival

#224 What is Your Choice?

Some soldiers, instigated by demons, put a purple robe on Jesus after they’ve beat him 39 times with leather thongs studded with bone. They make him a “crown” out of the thorn bush. 234 more words

Good And Evil

Mis-Remembering, Super Cycling and The Contradictions of Modern Man.

In a world of shifting shadows, ‘evolving’ values and Hi-definition be-headings, it is a wonder that people can get up each day and make sense of their lives. 999 more words