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26 The First Sign

Jesus’ forerunner was his cousin John, known as the Baptist because he brought the symbol of cleansing from Mikveh to baptism to show the people that a change of heart was needed. 220 more words

Good And Evil

Why Did God Allow the American Civil War?: Principles in Resolving The Problem of Evil

My brother texted me yesterday to thank me for my service to the country as formerly a sailor and now a Chaplain.  I replied that I couldn’t imagine what the soldiers and their families during the Civil War, from both north and south, went through, such horrendous years in our American history.   1,939 more words

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Talking to the Wiser

I went and paid a visit to my high school English teacher today. Talking to her is always emotionally exhausting, but I learn so much from her. 753 more words

25 Identity

The critical decade for identity is considered to be age 16-26, the latter age being when human brains have finished developing, built on the terribly important foundation of birth to 7 years. 239 more words

Good And Evil

The moral path of ultimate complexity

Sometimes, when we don’t believe in ourselves we need something else to believe in, which is probably where God came from. Before we were able to explore the universe in as much detail as we are today, there were things that were unexplainable.  1,014 more words


Guy de Maupassant - the Complete Short Stories

Tl;dr: If you’ve never read Guy de Maupassant, definitely read “Boule de Suif‘, his first and most famous story. If you enjoyed that, I can recommend a few more. 1,188 more words

Good And Evil

24 The Religion of Jesus

Even as a child, Jesus ideas about religion were different than those of the rabbis and priests. At that time, religion had become synonymous with rules. 246 more words

Good And Evil