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Stevia good or bad? Yes, I'm going there!

Hello all,

You may or may not have heard of stevia in the last few years. It is a sugar-free sweetener, and one of the only ones that is derived naturally. 826 more words



This is a piece of art I have just done called Gemini,

The main paint used is oil paints with thinners mixed with oil pastel’s marker pens and my favorite acrylics,This was painted on a roll of lining paper which measures large at 3 x 2.5 ft. 89 more words


Citizen Journalism good or bad??

First question what is “citizen journalism”? I have looked it up on Google and its turn out that citizen journalism is known as “Public, or street journalism” (Wikipedia, 2013). 242 more words


Typography workshop

I was a little confused because I thought this lecture was going to be about typography however it was very similar to Matt’s portfolio session last week. 102 more words


Fitspo - Thinspo - Obsesso? Where is the line between fitness inspiration and unhealthy obsession and have I blurred the line?

I read somewhere (probably unreliable) that if you have goals to improve your physique and fitness your best chances of building good lasting habits happens before you hit 30 (I have 3 years to go). 540 more words


Thanks for the CHOICE chosen_/\_

Choose to take a life form or not..
Yes!! I chose to take a form..
#Thanks to my Wish

Choose to be nurtured or not.. 101 more words

My Views

Saturday night contemplations of a 37 year old

This time next week, I’ll be in Ottawa at the end of the first of two days at ComicCon, making sure all 17 of my charges are safely on the bus or back at our accommodations. 822 more words

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