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Fuel the fire and passion inside of you, to awake the things in you that no one thought you were capable of. Use every thing that is thrown your way, good and bad, to inspire, to motivate, to make you become a force that no one can stop. 84 more words


A Question From a Friend ( Might have over thought about)

Have you every been asked the silly question “If you were a Super Hero, what powers would you want and why?”. I know I have and normally I answer with something like invisibility, or being able to fly. 665 more words


Moving forward?

What were considered bad habits before are becoming hobbies now. Definition of being civilized gets confusing at times.


First I’d like to apologize for my absence in these past few weeks- life just gets the best of you sometimes that you just can’t keep up. 139 more words


Quote of the Day, 7/1/2015

Missed a few days due to general apathy and ennui. In any event, I have returned. Here is Deleuze on Spinoza, relations, and good, bad, and evil. 220 more words

Quote Of The Day

Some words about good and bad

The problem of good and bad is probably as old as mankind. And still it is full of misunderstandings and half-truths.

So we have typical statements like these: 1,097 more words

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