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The man was travel weary. His garments were worn thin from the passage of time and the burden he carried was a heavy yoke on his shoulder. 1,028 more words


[BIBLE CHALLENGE] John 19: Innocent

There was no fault in him (John 18:38). Yet, Jesus had to die. Scourged and mocked, beaten and put before the people, his life became more worthless than a robber. 203 more words

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"Where are you?" N:o 4 Love and subjectivity are opposites

The world, from the perspective of a satellite in the sky, does not remind a Paradise any more. Eyes becoming watery you have been seeing all the defects there already. 418 more words


The tumult, the tears, Golgotha spread wide,

The horror, the rocks, the bleak mountainside!

The only way that Christ chose decisively

That frightful cross, it was for you and me! 224 more words


The Malefactor at Calvary – His Uncommon Mercy

At the Calvary’s end, this man believed Jesus! He must have witnessed the way He was mocked, and realized the accusation and reviling were false; it must have been evident to the man that Jesus was without offence. 1,512 more words


Golgotha, the Place of the Skull

My trip to Israel in 2008 was one of the best and most memorable trips of my life. My experiences there are treasures I will keep in my heart forever. 216 more words

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From Golgotha to the Grave

It’s a long walk from Golgotha to the grave. Not in terms of footsteps or roads or the hours, minutes and seconds that make up a day. 354 more words