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A Picture of the torment that Jesus experienced for us all, with the help of His Word and His Spirit let us enter His wounds. 783 more words

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  • Name:¬†Pandemonium
  • Bible:¬†Resurrection Of YESHUA. The “Death Angel”
  • Rank: Archon
  • Key Of Enoch: Caduceus (Transfiguration)
  • Qualities: The Sweet¬†Death Of The Faithful, Destruction, Golgotha (Place Of A Skull), Emotional Honesty (& ‘Ruthless’ Detachment), Switched-On, Spice / Flavour…
  • 787 more words

Your job was done,
you had to go back up,
you don’t belong here,
after only few eventful years,
here, rising from obscurity,
through thick clouds of doubt and unbelief, 216 more words


Betwixt and Between

Time has passed; I’m growing old.
There is much that I have seen
betwixt the time when I was born
and all the years between. 201 more words


The man was travel weary. His garments were worn thin from the passage of time and the burden he carried was a heavy yoke on his shoulder. 1,028 more words


32. Golgotha and the Tomb

Highlights of Golgotha:

[BIBLE CHALLENGE] John 19: Innocent

There was no fault in him (John 18:38). Yet, Jesus had to die. Scourged and mocked, beaten and put before the people, his life became more worthless than a robber. 203 more words

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