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Happy Father’s Day Dads! Brien Lundin, owner of the 44-year old Gold Newsletter and owner & producer of the New Orleans Investment Conference joins us to discuss the increasingly dire global economic outlook, the future of gold and silver prices, the onslaught of inflation in the United States – and the probability of hyperinflation as the FED continues to debase the currency, the nearly all-time low in the HUI and the opportunities ahead, and much more. 57 more words

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Where To Buy & NOT Buy Gold & Silver ~ Junius Maltby

Welcome back to the Junius Maltby channel. There are numerous dealers of Gold, Silver and Precious Metals. Some are more reputable and easy to buy from than others. 34 more words

Economy And Global Collapse

Bankers Getting Away With Crimes As Mainstream Media Distracts Public And The War In Gold & Silver Rages

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I’m focused on the battle in the gold and silver markets. It continues, as any attempts at upward moves in gold and silver are met with unrelenting selling in the paper markets. 316 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies