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Time travel (or just plain travel)

This was something I wrote two weeks ago, on my way back home to Southern California for the weekend.  I’m back now and so refreshed!  To everyone who gave me the gift of their time, I’m very grateful! 420 more words

Going Home, Writing and Another Step Closer

Life is about struggle, but with each day we find the passage through and we learn that we’re headed in the right or wrong direction, but that direction is ultimately our choice. 297 more words


Pathfinder ... by Alice

Dear Ones,

Pathfinder, scout, explorer! On finding the way home…

In love, light and joy,

This is a haunting Lappish tale called Pathfinder. Although it starts on a stark note, the ending is beautiful. 77 more words


A Tropical BREEZE to Clear My Head - Time to Leave (get me home!)

I don’t remember what time I woke up but it had to have been 6:30 or earlier. On the TV, with the bow camera channel on, I could see the lights and outline of the city. 2,322 more words

Going Home

My Dad was an Air Force officer. During the Korean War, we were stationed in El Paso, Texas. My mother taught in a Catholic School off base and I went to a nursery (today, it is called pre-school) that was located behind the school. 680 more words


Monday (월요병)

End of the Weekend

The weekend is over…and today is Monday. Well, actually, I started this post on Monday, but now that I’m finishing it…it’s currently Tuesday haha. 912 more words

The Grant Year

4.20.2015 10:38pm

Stressing out to the max right now. Conference tomorrow and I’m presenting on the essay that I’ve been writing all semester… In Russian. I have my presentation mapped out and everything that I’m going to say is written down but I’m worried about answering the questions given to me after I present. 81 more words