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Almost home!!!

Sitting in Calgary, one more flight and I’m home! It’s warm, not snowing and the mountains are glorious!!

The lists are long to get caught up this week but I’ll get it all done and have some fun with the babies as well…almost home!!!  :) <3


Journey home

I can tell you quite categorically that business class is the only way to fly, I’ve been spoilt now. There’s no denying that I like waitress service, I like having a drink served to me on a silver platter whilst waiting for everyone else to board. 495 more words

USA Travel

First Day Back on the Farm

There are someplaces that just accept, love and welcome you with open arms.

Home. Here I am, standing in a field I have run through many times before. 618 more words


Going Home – Thoughts of In between

My thoughts are collections of other people’s thoughts. There is no need for me to rewrite the story. They are good as they are. The following writings are thoughts from ordinary people who do extraordinary work that help shape my faith. 763 more words


Going Home

Tornando Casa

There are only a few weeks to count down for my return to Italy. It’s getting close now, the time seems to be passing much quicker and the excitement is building. 388 more words

Me In A Sea

Nap Time Series #5


Yes, I know it’s been exactly 22 days since I’ve posted anything.  But as you all know, we had a big move and we’re finally settled in Vegas (for the meantime, mini vacay if you’ll call it that).  

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Being like a regular baby

This is another post where I started and restarted because progress has been made so rapidly over the last 3 to 4 days.

Isabelle started feeding only orally a few days ago. 567 more words