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Arrow of Gods

——Arrow of Gods——

before the sand speaks
of the pains of human feet
on her failing eyesight,

I shall whisper another threnody
of the arrow of Onyame… 16 more words

The Village Thinker



  It was demon hour and Cris whelped like a loony. She was terrified of Marlong and his temper when the devils crawled through his brain and painted the world puce. 729 more words


Rico Paganini: The Giza Legacy - A Key To Our Origin And Our Future

Paganini mentions the Palermo Stone, also known as the Egyptian Royal Annals. This artifact lists the reign of Egyptian kings before the first pharaoh of the 1st Dynasty. 274 more words


Some Flowers Are More Beautiful After They Have Bloomed

Like poplar catkins, for instance.  Here they are with dandelions…… and with weird freaky roadside grass ..

… with  poplar leaves and light … 119 more words

Nature Photography

The Third Agent

My response to prompt #3 of the Non-Binary Mysteries Roundtable.

The fertility stuff was what kept me from going back to Wicca when I was thoroughly disheartened by eliminating spirituality from my life and wanted to dive back in again. 621 more words