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Step One

August 2014 

My name is Shantini. I see myself as unloved and abandoned. To you I’ll act as if I don’t need your love because I want to you to see me as a strong independent woman. 661 more words


Experiencing Divinity in the World by Carol P. Christ

As I work on revisions of the new book, Goddess and God in the World, that Judith Plaskow and I are writing, I am thinking again about… 1,087 more words



stirrings at dawn
legacies of dreams yet unwoven,
interrupted by the coming sun
questions of existence
roll in, never ending tides
basked in full moon light… 86 more words


Poet's Prayer ~ Gweddi Awenydd

Honoured Goddess of Poetry
My inspiration is running dry
My words have flown away from me

Beautiful Goddess of Creativity
This Awenydd asks your blessing… 85 more words

Personal Thoughts


A rhododendron bloomed in my yard today, purple and flashy, channeling a message, cutting through to my consciousness. And by all the mindful awareness that I extol, leaning hard into the lives of others who spend so much of themselves in time travel and leave their present moment to pass unnoticed, I stand accused. 234 more words