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Credhe, Celtic Goddess of Love and Spirit Contact by Judith Shaw

Credhe, also known as Creide or Cred is an Irish Faery Queen Goddess of Love and Spirit Contact. She is associated with Danu’s mountains, the Paps of Anu.  1,119 more words


Caer Ibormeith, Celtic Goddess of Dreams and Prophecy by Judith Shaw

Caer Ibormeith, Celtic Goddess of Dreams and Prophecy, is a pan-Celtic goddess who was worshipped in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  In Scotland and Wales Her name was used to name places such as Caer Edin (Edinburgh). 921 more words


Tribe of Magpies

High spirited magpies

share chatter expressively

maidens, mothers, crones


Sequana and Blessed Water by Deanne Quarrie

Water is the daily necessity for earth’s creatures.

When the Continental Celts were looking for a new homeland, they ventured west from the known river valleys of the great landmass we call Eurasia. 983 more words


Research and the Dissertation: Getting Back to Basics by Michele Stopera Freyhauf

History is written by the victors – this is something that we all know, or at least should know. I apologize in advance for being elementary in my discussion, but I think one thing that scholars tend to do too often is assume our readers or audience has a firm grasp on what we are talking about. 695 more words


What is the Cause of Violence? A Response to Karen Armstong by Carol P. Christ

 “So, when we in the West talk about religion as the cause of this violence, how much are we letting ourselves off the hook, and using religion as a way to ignore our role in the roots of this violence?” 1,171 more words


Wishing You an Auspicious 2015

May 2015 be rich in all

that makes your heart come

alive with joy and gives

real wellbeing.

Big Love,

Jamie 40 more words

Ancestral Spiritual Lineage