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7 Keys to Introvert or Empath Survival

Hey Craft Thrifty Goddess!

Today I am speaking on the introverted Goddess or the Empathic Goddess. The reality of it is no matter your astrology predisposed disposition you need to learn to set your boundaries and create the life you want. 167 more words


Mandalas and Sacred Geometry by Judith Shaw

Can geometry open our hearts and minds to spirit?   Throughout time people around the world have thought so. Mandalas and Sacred Geometry symbols are found in many cultures both ancient and modern. 885 more words


Earth Day 2015: Bag Free, That’s How a Goddess Rolls

RM Allen, Author of New Hampshire Goddess Chronicles series

What a winter, even by New England standards! Relief melts into me, like Chapstick on dry and burning lips, now that the spring equinox has finally arrived. 520 more words


Credhe, Celtic Goddess of Love and Spirit Contact by Judith Shaw

Credhe, also known as Creide or Cred is an Irish Faery Queen Goddess of Love and Spirit Contact. She is associated with Danu’s mountains, the Paps of Anu.  1,119 more words


Caer Ibormeith, Celtic Goddess of Dreams and Prophecy by Judith Shaw

Caer Ibormeith, Celtic Goddess of Dreams and Prophecy, is a pan-Celtic goddess who was worshipped in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  In Scotland and Wales Her name was used to name places such as Caer Edin (Edinburgh). 921 more words


Tribe of Magpies

High spirited magpies

share chatter expressively

maidens, mothers, crones


Sequana and Blessed Water by Deanne Quarrie

Water is the daily necessity for earth’s creatures.

When the Continental Celts were looking for a new homeland, they ventured west from the known river valleys of the great landmass we call Eurasia. 983 more words