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Does it Matter How We Get to the End Product?

God told the children of Israel to build an altar. However, he told them that if they used a sword in building the altar, it would desecrate it  296 more words

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20 Things to remember when you are single

1. It’s not a curse or a disease. You don’t need a cure.
2. God hasn’t forgotten about you. He still is in control.
3. Singleness is a gift that not everyone gets to enjoy in their 20s. 137 more words

The Mistake that keeps on Giving (Video)

I published the The Mistake that Keeps on Giving( Detailed) June 30 – I wrote that I notice the pattern every year around the same time – no matter how I plan it- it always seems to hit around this time- I am going through my old videos today in preparation to make and new one by the weekend and hear this video I made Last Year in JUNE… 39 more words



There is something really special about fireworks on the Fourth of July. It gets everyone in a patriotic spirit. However, before fireworks are ignited to show their magical splendor, there is a process that they must undergo before we can see what is on the inside truly shine. 202 more words


God in the Hands of an Angry Sinner

There has been a lot of interesting conversation taking place on my Facebook newsfeed recently.

Well, I say conversation. Conversation may not actually be the right word. 827 more words


Religious Liberty Blah Blah Blah

My friends know my stance on gay marriage: I am so pro-gay marriage that one of my first questions to my now-boyfriend on our first date was how he felt about it. 763 more words


Religious Persecution From England - Just Ask The Library Of Congress

The Library Of Congress explains that one of the reasons why the pilgrims left England was because of “religious persecution”.  This is how they describe it on their own… 305 more words