Is Jesus God?

Here is a note I wrote to Anane in Ghana.   This note captures what I believe about my Jesus and His true identity.

I know there are many out there who claim to be “Christian” or other similar term that question and deny that Jesus, the person who came in the flesh and was born to a woman, Mary, could be God. 423 more words


Do Mormons Worship a 'Different' Jesus?

The Mormon Jesus healing the blind.

All too often than not, I always run into some video or some article from the anti-Mormon polemic claiming that Mormons worship a ‘different’ Jesus. 1,999 more words


Perfect Words

If you speak the Words of God, then the Spirit of God will respond to them and bring them to pass so that the promises the Son of God made to you are kept.

For The Benefit Of Mankind

Three In One

More often than not, I think of God as One. I mean, He is. But in some mysterious way, He is also three, without subdividing. He exists as Father, Son, and Spirit and yet the three are one. 1,082 more words


God the Son, Jesus: The Camp of Christ

WE BELIEVE that the man known as Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ and promised messiah, is the second person of the trinity Рfully human and fully divine. 

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