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I witnessed a miracle....

I trucked my little ones down there, armed with snacks, action figures, and a laptop to play movies on…

…Desperately trying to make progress on a project that seems impossible. 954 more words

Kingdom Comings

Is Your God Big Enough?

Ayiesha Woods’ song, Big Enough, asks us why we ever doubt the help that an uncreated God who created everything out of nothing can offer us: 723 more words



As I was outside shoveling snow today (yes, I actually shoveled because nobody else was home). I normally don’t do it voluntarily. Moving on. While I was shoveling, there was more snow descending. 275 more words

God Is Big Enough.

Silent Night.

We sang Christmas songs at our campus chapel a few weeks ago. The one we ended with was Silent Night. We sang Christmas songs at my church there. 173 more words

God Is Big Enough.

Where Is God?

With everything going on in the world, people seem to be asking the question, “Where is God?”

Well, let’s make it pretty simple.

He is where He always was. 72 more words

God Is Big Enough.

"My Husband Has Cancer"

That’s probably what many women would have titled their post —fear gripping their hearts— if they were in her shoes.

And yet, I didn’t discover this until I read a little further down the page. 388 more words

Why God Gave Us The Ocean.

At least in my opinion.

Forgive the extreme scientific nerdiness of this post, but I have a thought I have been pondering.

I know scientists and geologists and lots of highly intelligent people will explain logically why the earth is how it is… how the shifting of tectonic plates over time have made the rocks how they are, and how the ocean tides are the result of the gravitational pull of the moon, and so on. 1,513 more words