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God loves us endlessly

Frances writes on this Sunday’s readings :- The Jews do not seem to have been a seafaring people in antiquity (Genesis 9:8-15). It was the Bronze Age coastal traders, the Phoenicians and their descendants, who were masters of the sea and traded the Mediterranean so that the Jewish people frequently saw great expanses of water a thing of terror.  865 more words


That God may be all in all

Frances writes on next Sunday’s readings :- We live in a time when the world seems to be in chaos, with vicious wars being fought in Syria, led by its own ruler; and equally in Iraq and the Ukraine.  1,091 more words


Everywhere and always looking for new ways to share goodness

How do we explain God to those who do not believe or those who have doubts? Well, first check out what kind of God they do NOT believe in, as often it is some fairy tale God from their childhood that has nothing to do with the God that we believe in. 947 more words


Learning from Muslims

When I worked in East Oxford, and took weekly Assemblies in the local school I found to my surprise that one third of the children there were Pakistani Muslims. 871 more words


Christians and Jews

It’s amazing to me that the persecution of Jews by Christians has such a long history. Amazing, because you only have to read 3 Chapters in St Paul’s Letter to the Romans (It begins with our 2nd Reading today : Romans 9:1-5) to see that such prejudice is absolutely not the Christian way. 972 more words


Homily for Sally

HOMILY for the Requiem for Sally Gross

Isaiah 25:6-9   Ps 23 Romans 8:14-23  John 6:37-39

The essence of the Christian message as expressed in our readings today is that nobody is perfect and that it is God who in death raises up our imperfect bodies and perfects them and so brings them into his glory. 826 more words