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Fore-sightful Forsythia

The forsythia (Forsythia europaea) is an ornamental shrub; a member of the olive family of plants. There are about eleven species. Most are native to eastern Asia and one native to south-eastern Europe. 389 more words

God As A Gardener

Attraction: Christ versus a flower

When I received my first Bible, in it was a picture of Christ. He had shoulder-length medium brown hair that was clean and combed, he was beardless, and his complexion was medium. 508 more words

God As A Gardener

Tree of Life Lives

No picture was included because I don’t know what the Tree of Life looks like.

Read Genesis chapter 3 in an Amplified or New International Version Study Bible. 798 more words

God As A Gardener

Are you a Bradford pear tree?

Bradford Pear (Callery pear) is a species of pear tree native to China. It is a deciduous tree with a cone-shaped to rounded crown. The flowers are produced in early spring before leaves expand fully. 362 more words

God As A Gardener

God's Watching You

Read about the Lampstand of the Tabernacle in Exodus 25.

The almond tree symbolizes God’s watchfulness. The almond tree was central to the Tabernacle and is described in two key situations. 1,133 more words

God As A Gardener

Myrrh, The Gift in Death

Myrrh is mentioned as a valuable trade item in Revelation 18:13.

John listed myrrh as a commodity no one would buy after Roman fell. The myrrh plant is one of the last plants listed in Revelation; yet reference to myrrh began early in Bible history. 677 more words

God As A Gardener

Christmas Aglaonema = Luck

At Christmas, aglaonema (Chinese evergreen, Firecracker) is an alternative to the poinsettia. It is less woody than the poinsettia and doesn’t have flowers; however, it is almost as colorful. 359 more words

God As A Gardener