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Our Own Conception of God

Most religions require that you believe in the God they speak of.

Which is why there are both ardent devotees and ardent disbelievers.

What if we all just chose the God of our own understanding? 131 more words

Surgery Update

Hello, all! I first want to thank everyone for your prayers; they meant so much to me!

Willow is doing very well. He hid under the bed for the first day after coming home, but he’s been out and about quite a bit now. 241 more words

Cats Only!

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Thank you for your prayers! Willow is doing much better.

Prayer Request: Surgery

Hello, everyone. I’m here to ask for prayer for the oldest of my sweet kitties, Willow.

Willow has had problems with his nose for several years. 158 more words

Cats Only!

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Please be praying for Willow tomorrow!!

One Person

Many bloggers, I would say, are out to make a difference. For the most part, people don’t start a blog and attempt to hide it from the world. 637 more words


More Than Feelings

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. It’s a time to gather with family, but more importantly it’s (hopefully) a time when we turn our focus wholly upon the Lord. 681 more words


A time to give

I don’t know if anyone has ever told you that Christmas is not about the gifts, but if they did then they were lying.

Christmas always was, Christmas always is, and Christmas will ALWAYS be about the gifts. 975 more words

A Lesson Learned

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This beautiful post really reflects the things that have been on my mind this Christmas season. God bless!