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Don't Follow Elvish Noble Men into strange tunnels

This is an off the cuff story with little to no outlining. I came up with the idea, wrote 1500ish words on Wed. Not sure if I’ll get to finish it before it’s scheduled to publish… 1,792 more words


All In a Day's Work

“Arright fellas, listen up!”  Chief Goblin Engineer Grax looked around at his crew.  The space was hunched, even for such short creatures, and a few of them were scowling more than normal.  429 more words

A Thank You to My Favorite Clients

I try to pay it forward, pay it backwards, and pay it presently a lot.  I believe in building good karma and good energy.  Today on my hardcore website I wrote a thank you post to some of my favorite clients: … 43 more words

Kit Harrington

750(+) games!

As mentioned in previous blog posts, I keep a few statistics about the games I play.  So last night, I played my 750th (and 751st) games across all formats, so I figured I should do an update of some interesting statistics. 494 more words


Monster Monday- April 20, 2015

Goblin Portrait in pencil

more practice with graphite

Peoples of Tòlanar I: Dsòrkit (Goblinoids)

DSÒRKIT (Goblinoids)


The Dsòrkit consist of three closely related subraces: the Atkàkod, the Dusqaer, and the Xiqròr. The Atkàkod (roughly 15% of the population) are the nobility of the Dsòrkit, the Dusqaer, who make up roughly 80% of the population, form the common people, they are the peasants and cannon fodder. 1,887 more words



When I saw this film, it didn’t take long for me to decide that I was going to buy the soundtrack. As the film continued this decision was only further cemented, and by the time the credits rolled I stayed in my chair, waiting to see who was behind these jarring, grating sounds. 701 more words