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Jamaican Style Curried Goat

Last week, marked according to Chinese astrology, the year of wood goat. With the start of the Chinese New Year, I thought I’d try to make a dish to honour this humble animal, so I thought to myself “what can I make?” 655 more words


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

We wish you a healthy, wealthy & prosperous year of the Goat!

Chinese New Year

The Turtle Who Could Grant Wishes - Motivational Story

There was once a turtle who could grant wishes. One day a goat came to him.The turtle told him to make a wish. The goat was very hungry so he wished to have a plate of food. 101 more words


Kok Kuen & Lavonne

Let’s begin the new year with something happy! Ladies and gentlemen, the wedding of Kok Kuen & Lavonne!

Btw, Happy Chinese New Year guys! May the year of the goat bring all good fortune and good health. 22 more words