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March, Where Did You Go?

I just don’t get it why time flies by so quickly, especially when I dread for it to end. One moment I would think that I still have all the time in the world, and the next moment, poof! 301 more words


the secret is always love

Ending March on this note – a confessionary note no less.

There’s only a few times have I ever felt undeniable passion for someone.

This is of course a blessing and a curse in itself. 541 more words


The Start to Something Great

Last month we had started growing maize fodder for the desi cows in vertical shelves at the farm. This month we are growing spinach hydroponically in wooden crates on the Main Bio-Pond. 192 more words


Be kind, Be selfless, Help others and yourself along lifes journey.

It is so important that you live life the way that you dream. If you are dreaming about the life you want, make it your goal to get there. 256 more words


Thank GOODNESS success isn't a destination.

It is extremely fortuitous that I would choose to write a blog after so long, on this particular day, as WordPress is informing me today is our one year anniversary together. 2,714 more words

Health Journey

This month’s progress towards my goals of 2015, has stalled.

It’s been a spectacular FAIL.

1. My Own Business: so little progress it’s embarrassing. I spoke to my accountant; he was mildly encouraging about the fashion business, kinda…I haven’t done to much in the way of art either, but did run into someone who’s going to start art classes in her studio. 186 more words

In this year of my promise to follow my bliss… I share this…. okay, so it’s a bit of shopping! But I like the idea of a daily reminder, a necklace, that states my intention.  252 more words