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Take a good look around!

For a blog with over 1,300 followers, lately I haven’t given you all much to follow. But instead of boring you with excuses, I’ve decided to floor it!  300 more words

Take on a New Challenge; Go for a Ride

Hey Kids,

It looks like I’m going to be able to take possession of a new motorcycle. Cool, eh? Take a look at her:

OK, she doesn’t look like much. 42 more words

Life's Truths

A Very Short Story about Goals

Many say that writing down your goals adds commitment

I’m not going to argue with that however I’ve seen many

who have done just that and they simply spend their time just looking at them every day. 98 more words


Month in Review: February

Like most blogs I’ve read in the past two days, bloggers are glad February is over. I am, too. I’m tired of the cruelty of winter. 670 more words


Giving up is easy. It doesn't require any effort.

Things fall apart.  Plans change. People disappoint.  People hurt you. In my case,  employers decide not to hire you. All of these things can result in the easy way out: … 217 more words


Chasing A Dream (Part 1)

“You never know how many miles you’ll have to run chasing a dream”

For nearly two years, I have chased after a dream. I mean LITERALLY ran after it. 559 more words


Hobbies and Leisure Time

For most of us the one thing we actively look forward to and do not dread is our time spent at leisure.  What leisure actually means is irrelevant but the important take away is how much happier and fulfilled we are from doing it.  635 more words