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Pain management: pacing and goal setting

Pain management: pacing and goal setting

Chronic pain can change the way that people live their lives and carry out their daily activities. For example many people found that they could no longer perform certain tasks without experiencing increased pain and fatigue. 116 more words

Chronic Pain

Entrepreneurship and the Elusive "Enough"

I’ve realized that I have a pattern of striving for the elusive “enough.”

What does “enough” mean? I love words, so I turned to my handy friend Dictionary.com, and learned a definition of enough: 538 more words


Revving my engine: vroom vroom- Weight Loss

So the summer is approximately 3 weeks.

Proud moment I can actually loose weight which I never thought I could before.

I want to get more focused on being consistent with… 176 more words

Discharge Planning... Whose Role is it Anyway?

How involved should physiotherapists be in discharge planning?

Discharge Planning…   Somebody else’s job?

When I think back to my early years as a junior physio, it was dependent upon the area of work that I was rotating through. 767 more words

Discharge Planning

One way...

“Everything begins with a decision. Then, we have to manage that decision for the rest of your life.” John Maxwell

What ever decision you make, your life will follow. 123 more words

Nutrition Talk

Downhill Goal Setting

So my Dr has recommended I see a, ‘Well being, goal setter’. I went in optimistic maybe this will help me put my brain fogged mind make some goals. 462 more words

Vote for the June Challenge!

In order to help my small business blossom on social media, keep myself challenged in a daily fitness routine and form a new habit, I am bringing back the monthly challenge!   102 more words